Mental Health Week: Foundation organises health awareness session

FitMyke Fitness foundation, in collaboration with Evolve 360 Gym in Abuja, has organized a fitness and mental Health Awareness session to commemorate the just concluded Mental Health Week.

The theme this year is “Moving more for mental health”.

The founder of FitMyke Fitness foundation, Michael Oghenemahro Uwejeyan, in a press statement, said the aim of the session was not only to promote physical fitness but also highlights the vital link between staying active and maintaining good mental health.

Michael expressed his gratitude for the community’s enthusiastic participation, saying that they are thrilled with the positive response and the level of engagement from the community.

He explained that it is clear that there is a strong desire to learn and talk about mental health, and they are committed to continuing these efforts to support their community’s well-being.

Also, a psychologist Aisha Bubah who was also a guest speaker emphasized the importance of mental health awareness and provided practical strategies for managing stress and anxiety.

She discussed the benefits of integrating physical activity into daily routines as a means to enhance mental well-being. In her second segment, Aisha encouraged attendees to prioritize their mental health alongside their physical health.

She shared personal antedotes and professional insights, highlighting how small changes in daily habits can lead to significant improvements in mental health.

Her talk resonated deeply with the audience, who appreciated her approachable and informative style.

The event drew an enthusiastic crowd of gym members and community residents, all eager to learn more about the vital relationship between physical activity and mental health.

The session featured a variety of activities designed to engage participants both physically and mentally.

Attendees enjoyed an invigorating workout led by expert trainers, followed by insightful talks from mental health professionals.

One of the highlights of the event was a guided meditation session, allowing participants to experience the calming effects of mindfulness.

The meditation was complemented by a workout sessions comprising of stretching exercises aimed at reducing anxiety and improving overall mental health.

In addition to the fitness and educational components, the event offered a safe space for attendees to share their personal experiences and challenges related to mental health.

FitMyke Fitness foundation has a long history of organizing health-related awareness programs. In addition to this recent mental health event, the foundation has hosted awareness programs for cancer and other health issues faced by individuals every day.

These initiatives are part of the foundation’s broader mission to improve overall health and well-being in the community.