Record label boss, Bello Yusuf speaks on effects of COVID-19 on global music industry

As the global music industry grapples with the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, The Chief Executive officer of Bellyflow Entertainment, Bello Adebowale Yusuf has raised hopes that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel for musicians and other practitioners within the music industry as this experience will make the industry stronger as it has afforded many to think out of the box and leverage more on technology. 

Bello Yusuf who has been a stakeholder in the music industry for over five years speaks on the state of the music industry globally in this post-lockdown era and what its record label plans for 2021.

He said, “The pandemic definitely negatively affected the global music industry culture but it’s only temporarily, as there’s light at the end of the tunnel. We can already clearly see that right now. This is why and when we must all come together to work together, understand, be patient and make things even bigger and better. Things are going to be going or coming back to normal again and very shortly we would put the past beyond us

“As regards the Bellyflow Entertainment, our plan is very simple – 2021 is the year for more competitive work outputs, prepping, outreach and discovering new talents. Last year 2020, we took the unfortunate (but fortunate for the faithful) downtime to stay sharply creative ahead of the curve of the industry related event calendar and happenings. 

“Right now, I can confidently say that, we are more than ready and ahead of the next opportunity and whatever unforeseeable curve that may unfold. The Afro-beat (Afro-pop) is a global, most sought after phenomenal franchise, and it cannot be overemphasized enough that there’s an imminent need for more appropriate and most viable multi facet representations, and plugs in many ramifications that will serve the common goods of all”.

The multifaceted and multi-dimensional label boss cum show promoter, said that the development is a child of necessity as every industry must observe Covid-19 protocols. He added that a combination of both virtual and live experience will be utilized as the real deal is the live performance and encounter. 

“Virtual awards and concerts have their pros and cons. As far as I am concerned, the future is here! And, it’s going to be a combination of this and that; traditional ways of business approach and some kind of hybrid mixture. But nothing beats the organic mutual benefit of being in a beautiful healthy space and sharing special moments directly and indirectly with folks of similar taste, passion, likes and common interest in life,” he explains.

In addition to being a prime record label, Bellyflow Entertainment also organises shows and events, all with the mission to connect celebrities and fans.

The label has been working on bridging celebrities with fans by bringing musicians and celebrities to headline events.

“We signed music producers that are working with top music artists and we also signed songwriters. We are happy that we started this way, this is the fundamentals of the music business,”Bello Yusuf asserted.