Re: Between Yari and Matawalle, who is ignorant?


My attention was drawn to an article written by one Badamasi Umaru in response to my release on the statement made by Governor Bello Mohammed (Matawallen Maradun) where he bared his perception of his predecessor, Abdulaziz Yari, regarding events in today.

My first impression of Mr Umaru was his inconsistency in addressing the words “ignorant” and “illiterate.” My understanding is the first refers to lack of knowledge and the second lack of ability to read and write. To this end, not everyone who could read and write escapes the hammer of ignorance.

However, if Umaru is referring to lack of ignorance as attending of formal schools, he ought to know that his “king” is nowhere close to Matawalle even in terms of attending prestigious institutions here in Nigeria and abroad. Yes, Matawalle can comfortably call his predecessor ignorant because he lacks the basic knowledge of who Matawalle is today in terms of politics of Zamfara. He has equally shown his ignorance of the ways of God.

This  is germane for the fact that Matawalle was an astute politician, who from the comfort of a ruling party, stood on his own in opposition to become a governor, unlike Yari who, in the comfort of a ruling party, was anointed and offered the governorship on a platter of gold. On this count, they are never mates in politics which is a fact. So, even if Yari is not ready to accept Allah’s verdict he should at least, respect Matawalle for garnering superior credentials in politics.

Umaru criticised the Supreme Court judgement that handed over the victory of 2019 general election to Matawle and his team. We have said it several times that really God made Matawalle and bestowed power in his hands and no Jupiter on earth can unmake him until God Himself decides to do so. Those who love Yari should advise him to lower his wings and stop trotting from one point to another seeking a reversal to this judgement.

It is foolhardy to try protecting failure. It is even worse using the yardstick of failure to demean progressive success. I am advising Badamasi and his kind to always chew very well before the blurt it out.

Zailani Bappa is the special adviser to Gov Bello Mohammed

FCT police, there’re criminals around American embassy

Recently, I visited American Embassy and I saw criminals all over, doing everything possible to swindle those coming in. There was a woman, stationed very close to the entrance of the embassy, pretended to be selling kunu (a local drink made with guinea-corn, and so on) and some men around her, appeared to be her customers.

 As you are about to walk beyond the area they stand, the woman would call to inform you that the security men at the gate won’t allow you to go in with your bag. Therefore, she keeps bags for those going in and the men around her attest to what she says.

You hand over your bag to her and leave if you are convinced. Coming back, you won’t see any of them there. This practice has been going on for long and many are victims.

My investigations revealed that at a point, the security men at the embassy dissented on them and that led to their relocation and the acquisition of the new place they now use as their hub.

One of them approached me and wanted to keep my bag for me too but I walked away after obtaining his name and his contact (09093379814). The FCT Police Command should please ensure the permanent relocation of these criminals to a correctional centre (prison) near them.

Awunah Pius Terwase, Mpape, Abuja, 08179289948

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