PCN seals 751 medicine stores in Gombe open drug market 


In a bid to uphold safety standards and regulatory compliance, the Pharmacy Council of Nigeria (PCN) has sealed a staggering 751 medicine stores operating in the open drug market in Gombe. 

This enforcement initiative, spearheaded by Pharmacist Stephen Esumobi, Director of Enforcement at PCN, marked a significant stride in ensuring the integrity of pharmaceutical practices within the region.

The crackdown, which occurred from April 20th to 25th, targeted a range of infractions including the unauthorised sale of medicines in open markets, lack of registration with the PCN, poor documentation, inadequate storage facilities, and the unauthorized stocking of ethical products without pharmacist supervision. 

These violations pose serious risks to public health and undermine the standards set forth by the Pharmacy Council of Nigeria Establishment Act 2022.

Esumobi emphasised that the enforcement team meticulously covered five local government areas, including Gombe, Akko, Yalmatu Deba, Funakaye, and Billiri LGAs, during the operation.

 “Premises visited, comprising 71 pharmacies, 346 patent medicine shops, and 584 illegal establishments, a staggering 751 were promptly sealed off. 

“Among those sealed were 39 pharmacies, 128 patent medicine shops, and 584 illegal medicine vendors operating without proper authorization.

However, Esumobi clarified that PCN’s objective is not to stifle business growth but to foster a culture of compliance and safety. 

He reiterated the agency’s commitment to providing support and guidance to medicine dealers willing to adhere to regulatory standards.

“The PCN’s office in Gombe has been mandated to offer necessary assistance to stakeholders within the state’s open drug market and other locations, facilitating their alignment with industry regulations.

“This proactive enforcement effort underscores the crucial role of regulatory bodies in safeguarding public health and maintaining the integrity of pharmaceutical practices. 

“With PCN’s unwavering commitment to regulatory oversight, stakeholders in the pharmaceutical sector can expect enhanced accountability and adherence to established standards, ultimately ensuring the safety and well-being of consumers across Nigeria,” he said.