Lack of core religious values bane of unity in Nigeria – Don


The Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Technology, Innovation, and Research (TIR), National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), Professor Godwin Akper, has identified the failure to practice the core values of religion and the hegemony of moral values in public spheres as the problem with Nigeria.

Akper, a scholar of Systematic Theology, made the statement in his inaugural lecture at the NOUN headquarters in Abuja Thursday.

In a lecture titled “Are We the Reason? (Christian) Religion in Nigerian Public Spheres,” he looked into the profound influence of Christianity in Nigerian public spaces and its role in shaping society.

Leveraging his extensive research and theological expertise, Akper explored the relationship between religion and society, with a specific focus on the impact of Christianity in Nigeria.

The lecture, which was the 25th in the series at the institution, examined various facets of Christian religious values from the perspective of self, rather than solely from the perspective of others in key public spheres such as the Church, the Nigerian society, and the academic community.

Highlighting the proliferation of churches, the influence of Christian values in politics and public places, and the perception of morality in Nigerian society, the professor analysed the historical roots of Christianity’s prominence in the country and emphasised the need for a discerning evaluation of its pervasive presence in public life.

Akper recognised the positive aspects of Christianity’s influence; he acknowledged its role in education, healthcare, and humanitarian efforts. 

He also stressed the importance of religious freedom and tolerance in Nigeria’s diverse society.

Akper suggested that Africans should seek identities that unite them rather than those that divide their population.