Pictures: Another 400 boko haram members surrender to Nigerian troops

Following onslaught from superior fire of NIgeria’s Armed Forces, another set of Boko Haram members numbering over 400 have surrendered to the Nigerian troops.

Reports say the terrorists gave up terrorism from their sites in Bama and Mafa on Thursday September 9, 2021.

The list is as follows, BAMA (1)Male- 259. (2) Female-43 (3) Children-70 MAFA (1) Male-35 (2) Female-23 (3)male children-23 (4) female children-11 making the total to 464.

A source at the site of surrendering said, “Recently, everyday the work is changing direction due to the progress that we are getting, sir truthfully the work is going well.

“There is need for us to stay well and use this opportunity that almighty Allah has given us. There are signs and possibilities that if we keep going like this, Boko Haram terrorists will become history and it will end insha Allahu.”

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