Next Level agenda

One common factor with a majority of Nigerians is undue impatience. When President Muhammadu Buhari campaigned under the APC umbrella, he proposed a ‘Change’ agenda. He concluded his first term as president amidst grumbling and dissatisfaction in some quarters, yet a majority of the populace still voted him to continue as the helmsman of Nigeria’s political ship.

The truth is, so many have been said and only little can be seen to be done amongst all the campaign promises of the ruling party. But one thing that I believe is this, instead of creating distraction and further fault-finding of the Buhari government, the citizens can put their faith together in prayers and wait as things eventually turn to the next level.

The more we clamour and criticise the government, the more room we create for distractions, which would not help the volatile situation of insecurity gaining gradually across out dear nation.

At this juncture, the unity and progress of our dear nation, Nigeria, is in our hands, let us therefore join our hands and hearts together in faith as we support the efforts of the ruling party to rid Nigeria of corruption and all its elements, and make her a haven of peace and prosperity for all Nigerians.

Raphael Adebayo O., 32 Itire Road, Mushin, Lagos state