National Conference: Nigeria is negotiable, Yoruba leaders say

Yoruba leaders of thoughts yesterday asked President Goodluck Jonathan to expunge the no-go area from the coming National Conference.
The Yoruba leaders also warned the delegates from the zone against betraying the race while at the confab.

Speaking on behalf of Yoruba leaders at the Yoruba Constitutional Conference held at the House of Chiefs, Parliament Building, Secretariat, Ibadan, Oyo state capital, former Chief of Defence Staff, General Alani Akinrinade [rtd] said “the unity of Nigeria is negotiable”, hence the need to expunge the no-go area.

Akinrinade added that the Yoruba had always wanted a Nigeria that would accommodate all the ethnic nationalities, saying, “We must create a nation where no one is oppressed”.
“We must implore the President to stand firm, close his eyes, think of a possible giant called Nigeria or any other name and sacrifice anything possible to achieve a successful national confab that will cement the relationship amongst our different nations.

“We are mindful that failure to do so will leave each nation no option but to find happiness in its own separate way. We need not create avenue for unnecessary intransigence by declaring that we must stay together by fiat ab initio,” he said.
The former Chief of defence staff pointed out that “here is his chance to carve his name in gold, earn the eternal gratitude of all our peoples and save Africa and the world combustion”.

He added: “Let me state with all emphasis that the Yoruba nation is not in the business of saber rattling, nor believe in intimidating anyone.
“We have, and will, always be found in the pursuit of justice, freedom and life more abundant for all. May all those who consented to throw in this National Conference be faithful to the people.”

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