My style’s similarity to Burna Boy – EnergyBank

Afrocentric singer, Anene JulianPaul, better known in the music space as EnergyBank has sung his way into the hearts of music lovers so much so that some listeners say he sounds like the African Giant, Burna Boy. EnergyBank’s versatility and diversity have been largely responsible for this comparison which has caught the attention of the singer.

When asked about his similarity to Burna Boy, EnergyBank rendered his testament for the great honour

“A lot of people think my life of music is similar to Burna Boy because I’m a versatile and creative person. You cannot box my creativity to one genre. I’m unpredictable in my creation. I express my rhythm as original as my body could produce it, matched with words to paint the pictures in my head the best way I can for a listener to relate to it. So I guess Burna Boy has this same ability too, he’s someone who’s not afraid to be original too.

EnergyBank has earned much accolades for his versatility and diversity which have become his stock in trade. His Afrocentricity knows no boundary as he weaves his art around different genres of music without being locked to any particular one.

“Like I said you cannot box my style of music to one genre, I’m unpredictable with my creation. I don’t feel like a genre of music can determine an artist’s success because creation is about longevity and not temporal success. Many genres of music didn’t really exist before until someone created the foundations for it. It’s the same way in physics and Mathematics. Same with Science and technology is a continued body of work,” he said.

EnergyBank grew up in a home where music was much appreciated. In several interviews the “Ifeadigo” crooner has exposed his mother as the major motivational foundation of his music trait and growth.n He started out as a little kid who sharpened his musical teeth from dance groups to joining the boys choir and cultural dance groups.

“It’s more like anywhere there’s music playing you’d find me there. I decided to do music as a profession because I can’t help it, and I was heavily influenced by a lot of stars growing up. Me and my boys would argue all about who’s the best MCs in the game and who’s the richest artist and how they made it so that played a big role in my life growing up,” recalled.

EnergyBank is from Anambra State and grew up among 5 other siblings