My Lifetime Achievement Award the greatest honour I’ve ever received – Saratu Gidado 

Film star Saratu Gidado (Daso), who recently received a lifetime achievement award from the Nigerian Film Corporation, in this interview with IBRAHIM HAMISU in Kano, talks about the event and others.

Congratulations on your Lifetime Achievement Award from the Nigerian Film Corporation! Could you tell us more about this prestigious honour?

All thanks to God; I was honoured among outstanding actors in the industry. I consider it a global award because people from England, France, and other countries were present. We even took pictures together! It’s especially meaningful that I was the only one chosen from Northern Nigeria. They recognised my contributions to the film industry based on my social media presence, which I’m very active on. Anyone can reach me there without needing my numbers.

That’s fascinating. So, they reached out to you through your Instagram handle?

Yes, exactly; I’m incredibly grateful for the honour, especially since I didn’t know them personally. They had only seen my work in films and valued it on its own merit. They contacted me directly through my Instagram page, and we had extensive discussions. They even arranged my flight and accommodation a month before the event. Although I received the invitation card earlier, I kept it a secret until the day itself. Now, I’m back home with this incredible title.

This award ceremony recognises many talented individuals. What made your selection stand out?

As I mentioned earlier, I’m the only one from the North in our field that was honoured. One person from the South couldn’t attend, and that made my selection even more special. I’m truly proud to represent the North and Kannywood.

You’ve received numerous awards throughout your career. How does this one compare to the others?

I have indeed received many awards, starting from 23 years ago when I entered the film industry. However, this is undoubtedly the greatest honour I’ve ever received. Being called to Abuja, surrounded by prominent figures from around the world, and receiving this unique title is truly remarkable. I don’t know if I’ll ever be honoured in England or America; but for now, this is the pinnacle of my achievements.

This recognition must have further fuelled your passion for the film industry…

Absolutely! It strengthens our resolve as artists to continue working hard. This kind of recognition shows it’s not about knowing someone or having connections; it’s about God recognising our worth and honouring us for our dedication. You see how I’ve approached the industry, turning it into a business. It’s not just about entertainment or fame; it’s about building a dignified life through my work.

“I call upon all my fellow filmmakers to stay determined and excel in their craft. Who knows, they might be the next ones to receive this prestigious honour, just as many before me had been recognised. Remember, 2023 was the year Saratu Gidado (Daso) received this great honour.

Lastly, what message do you have for those who criticise your profession?

I urge them to stop the negativity and instead offer well wishes. Let’s support and uplift each other. May God guide us all!