More adult Nigerians support electronic transmission of election results – Poll reveals

A new public opinion poll conducted by NOI Polls has revealed that 69 percent of adult Nigerians nationwide support the electronic transmission of election results during elections.

This assertion cuts across gender, geo-political zones and age-group with at least 62 percent representation from each category. 

According to the poll’s result, the reason given by Nigerians are that it would bring about transparency during elections.

“Twenty six percent says the system is reliable while 24 percent says it would reflect the true desire of Nigerians after elections, just as 17  percent said it would reduce rigging during elections. 

In July 2021, both chambers of the National Assembly passed the electoral amendment act and voted against electronic transmission of election results.

It insisted that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) does not have the capacity to transmit election results electronically nationwide.

On the contrary, INEC, through its national commissioner for information and voter Education, Mr. Festus Okoye, dismissed insinuations.

It said the commission has the ability to transmit election results electronically. Okoye further stated that the commission has the capacity for electronic transmission of results from any remote areas of the country.

The poll stated further that, “More findings revealed an even split as 50 percent of adult Nigerians acknowledging awareness of the ongoing Continuous Voter Registration (CVR); however, the other half claimed not to be aware. Given this level of awarenss, INEC needs to aggressively embark on further awareness campaigns across the country.”

According to the result,  geograhical location showed that 56 percent of the North central are aware of the exercise whereas 37 percent of the South east has the lowest number of Nigerians who are aware of the exercise. 

In another development, the poll result revealed that only seven percent of adult Nigerians claimed to have registered for the Continuoys Voters Register (CVR) since the commencement of the online and physical registration exercise on June 28th and July 26th respectively. 

According to the 2018 projected adult population by the National Population Commission, this figure represents about 7.4 million adult Nigerians who claimed to have registered since the commencement of this exercise. 

UNI Agric Markurdi
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