Make use of Nigeria’s youthful technocrats, – CSO urges Tinubu

A group, Amalgamated Civil Society Organisations of Nigeria (ACN), a non-profit, non-governmental, anti-corruption organisation, has called for the inclusion of the nation’s youthful population into governance.

ACN, which has over a million civil society groups (both CSOs and NGOs), called for the inclusion of the nation’s youthful population into governance.

According to the group, the call is coming as President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is about to constitute his cabinet and other organs of the government since assuming the mantle of leadership.

The national president of the Amalgamated CSOs of Nigeria (ACN), Comrade Gbenga Ashiru Abiodun, and its general secretary, Comrade Yakubu Abdullahi, in a press release Tuesday, noted that “the continued usage of old hands will not augur well for the country, knowing full well that most of them are facing graft issues.”

They earnestly called on President Tinubu to discard and retire those leaders that had brought the nation to “where we are today,” adding that “those so-called politicians do not mean well for the country, but only work towards achieving their self-serving agenda.”

The CSOs advised President Tinubu to retire and tell the old brigade to their faces to go and relax and be honourable advisers from the sidelines, “as these groups of people are too old and cannot add value to the system as envisaged by the President who is poised and ready for a change like the young people.”

“We, therefore, called on all Nigerians and well-wishers of the present administration to advise the president on this line of action of choosing the youths as against the tired legs, as well as make use of high performing youths presently occupying positions, to bring the needed change and transformation Nigeria so desires,” the statement read in part.