#Live Updates: Massive voter turn at Kpegi in Abuja

Voters as at 8am on Saturday February 25, 2023 trooped out at various polling units at Kpegi, Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) to cast their votes during Presidential and National Assembly elections.

Exactly 555 eligible voters are expected to vote at AMAC, Code 06, unit 054 Orozo Ward, Kpegyi Police Post, FCT, Abuja.

According to the Presiding Officer, Docars James, as displayed on the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BVAS) registered voter is 555, while accredited vote was at 0.

Voting started at exactly 9:48 am.

Before then, presiding officer, counseled voters about the process.

She warned that cameras were not allowed and party agents are not allowed to talk to the electorate around the polling unit.

According to her, “there are 555 registered voters in the unit. From what you can see (showing party agents the numbers on the BVAS) there are 555 registered voters. With zero accredited voters.

“So, we did not come here with accredited voters. We are starting on a new note”.

As observed by Blueprint, party agents, electorate and security personnel on the ground and orderly.