Letter to Roy Teryima Abenga

I would like to start by appreciating your courage and advise that you don’t give up on your ambition to compete for governorship position in Benue state under the Youth Democratic Party. 

I am aware that your posters at the Government House Makurdi were recently removed as directed by the authority and your brother was equally arrested for taking your posters to the Government House to place them for publicity but was later bailed by your father to regain his freedom.

I would like to call on Governor Samuel Ortom to investigate this issue with the aim of ensuring that all the aspiring governorship candidates in the state are not intimidated or harassed by his government since it was alleged he gave the order that impelled the arrest of your brother and the removing of your posters.

It is a good thing to see youth like you go into politics with hope of making a change. The challenges you will face must come to strengthen you by ensuring you have the needed ability to confront and fight to a stand still.

In my articles, I encourage youth to go into politics to retire the long standing corrupt old folks and I am happy to see people like you making a move to the right direction.
I will continue to write to encourage and support you and other youth that are doing same, not to give up but keep pushing until the goal is achieved.
Awunah Pius Terwase,Zuru, Kebbi state08171565145[email protected]