Kickboxing is future of combat sports in Nigeria – CSP Yakubu

The new-found fervour for kickboxing in Nigeria has continued to elicit unbridled enthusiasm amongst lovers of combat sports.

Recently, kickboxing was given a ratified status as an Olympic sport by IOC, and stakeholders opined that this feat was not for nothing.

Speaking with journalists in Lagos recently, Chairman Caretaker Committee of Kickboxing Federation of Nigeria (KBFN), CSP Abubakar Yakubu stated that Kickboxing, from recent performances can be rated as the fastest growing combat sport in Nigeria.

The multi-talented former athlete revealed that he is bent on ensuring the sport in not a far time become the most loved and followed combat sport in Nigeria.

” There are plans to source for support to increase publicity, pay more attention to athletes welfare, develop our coaches and retrain our referees. We also have a program of introducing and developing a softer kickboxing style that would appeal to the younger athletes in Nigeria,”he remarked.

He continued, ” the major challenge we have is sponsorship. There are so many developmental programs and training tours that needed to be attended including championships. But we are handicapped by a lack of adequate funds.”

He was quick to confidently state that the growing profile of kickboxing in Nigeria, particularly, as the country is rated 1st and 2nd in West African and Africa respectively, gives him a strong belief that the country would win medals at the 2024 Paris Olympic games.

Yakubu further noted that for KBFN to fully attain its goals, there is the need for unity amongst stakeholders and of course, continuity of laid out sustainable programmes for the benefits of the game in the country.

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