IYN to Tinubu: Ignore agents of oil thieves sponsoring media attacks on Tantita 

The leadership of the Ijaw Youths Network has called on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to ignore sponsored media attacks on the productive pipeline surveillance contract awarded to Tantita Security Services Limited by the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited.

The IYN said the recent coordinated publications about the pipeline security contract shows in clear terms that the cabal of oil thieves, who are targeting the nation’s economy, are not relenting.

The IYN coordinator, Frank Ebikabo and Federal Ebiaridor, secretary, said in a statement Wednesday that those behind calumnious campaigns are not patriotic citizens who have the interest of the nation and its economy at heart and should be ignored.

The duo noted that the sudden latter-day critics of the pipeline security contract were all silent when the nation’s daily crude oil production dropped to an historical low of 900,000 barrels per day before Tantita’s engagement.

The IYN said the hypocrites calling for the cancellation of the contract are not unaware of the tremendous improvement and gains made by the federal government from the contractual benefits of the well-thought out move against oil thieves.

 Ebikabo and Ebiaridor noted that all Nigerians of good conscience are aware of and applaud the fact that the gains of the contract are not in any way comparable to the contract sum.