How to halt Japa syndrome in Nigeria – Official 


A professor of Education with the University of Ilorin, Professor Mulkah Ahmed, Wednesday advocated for increased investment in educational initiatives and better remuneration for workers engaged in Nigeria to halt the current trend of brain -drain (japa) sydrome affecting the country. 

Pofessor Ahmed stated this in a lecture  delivered at the annual  Professor Sheu Jimoh memorial lecture organised by the Nigerian Media Parliament (NMP) in collaboration with Nigerian Union of Journalists NUJ), Sobi FM  chapel, Daily links Digital media and Rectitude Consult.

Her paper was titled: “Education as a vehicle for  Socio-economic Development : The Role of The Media”.

She said, “The only way to halt the japa syndrome is more investment in education while advocating the need for enhanced educational initiatives,” the university teacher said.

He added that, “Given the pivotal role of education in socio-economic development, there is  need for increased investment in educational initiatives. This includes improving access to quality education, updating the curriculum to align with contemporary needs, and promoting vocational and professional training.”

She said to tackle the issue of unemployment in Nigeria, comprehensive strategies should be devised.

“This involves creating a conducive environment for job creation, supporting entrepreneurship, and aligning educational programs with the demands of the job market,” she stated.