How to decorate your room with wallpapers

There are lots of ways to enrich your home decoration with wallpapers, and here’s an overview of the most effective ones.

Solid Color
At first you could think that there’s not much difference between solid color wallpapers and painted walls. You would be wrong – wallpapers come in many glossy and matte textures and can create a whole span of different impressions. How they look, how they feel under your fingers, how they reflect light – all this alters how they impact the space they’re used in.
Use colors from the neon palette to bring life and dynamics to your home, especially if your interior is poor in colors – if you do this, you will feel like you bought a completely new place! If you aren’t ready for such a drastic change, use dark purple, dark blue or brown tones for elegance or beige and pink hues for tenderness.

The same trick that works for striped clothing works for walls as well. If you live in an apartment with a low ceiling, cover the walls with striped pattern wallpaper and they will seem much higher. You can play with different types of stripes and combine different patterns. Use thin stripes for decoration and emphasizing certain points in your apartment.
Use medium stripes for making your ceiling seem higher and use thick stripes for spaces with a lot of furniture to slow down the pace of the room and reduce the impression of crowded space. Stripes come in many different color combinations, so feel free to experiment with this as well.

If you want to add some vintage spirit to your home but still haven’t been brave enough to try, here is what you can start with: decorate your home with baroque wallpaper! You have to see it to believe how good they look in modern apartments. A good way to use them is to combine them with other, subtler wallpapers or to only cover one part of a wall.
Make sure that they are easy to notice – they have to be in strong contrast with the room (for example in intensive magenta or green hues) or to contain a contrast in their own design (black and white or brown and turquoise combinations).

This type of wallpaper will add charm to your home and invoke a romantic atmosphere. If you like to occasionally wake up old memories and feel like a little girl again, make sure that there’s nice floral wallpaper in your home. One of the best color combinations for this type of wallpaper is brown/green/pink.

Make a statement with your wallpaper! You can have literally anything decorate your home, and reflect your personality. The possibilities are limitless: there are cute little Eiffel Towers for the romantic dreamy girls, stylized skulls for the punk ones, drawings for the art loving, bird or tree silhouettes for the nature types, vintage photography inspired for the hipsters, pop culture icons for those who enjoy it etc. Make your home your unique place to spend time in!

Be bold and have fun when using wallpapers. Feel free to combine different types and different hues and if you’re up to it try going as far as having 5 different wallpapers on one wall. It’s not that hard to do – check out the image above. All wallpapers come from the white palette so the combination is not too aggressive, and the patterns form a pleasant and joyful composition.

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