Group passes vote of confidence on Audi’s leadership in NSCDC

A group,   Stand Up Nigeria, has passed a vote of confidence on Dr Audi Ahmed following his superlative leadership reforms in the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC.

The group who led thousands of Nigerians early this morning to the National Assembly vowed that Audi wont be distracted despite several calls for his removal.

The Convener, Sunday Attah in his speech said in the wake of critical calls and heightened concerns for President Buhari administration to rejig the nation’s security architecture in line with the yearnings of the Nigerian people, one of  Nigeria’s most celebrated security operatives in the person of Dr Audi Ahmed in February 2021 emerged top in a keenly contested process which culminated in the appointment of a new commandant general of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC). 

“Of course, since the appointment of Dr Audi Ahmed as commandant general  of the NSCDC, no nigerian is left in doubt the sagacity with which he has brought to bear on the organisation within a short time. Top on the priority of the new regime is the implementation of a very robust and clear mandate as handed down by Mr President through the ministerial directive of the minister interior. 

“But barely a year into office, some elements who are bent over board to distort president Buhari administrations blueprint are at it again. With all manner of fictitious and smear campaigns of calumny  on the person of Dr Audi and the institution of the NSCDC. This is not only shameful but outrightly condemnable and must be reversed and aborted. Evil people can not go Scot free each time they try to sabbottage Mr President. We need to stand up to defend our heritage and here we are!!

“We Must not as custodians of our joint heritage fold our arms and watch enemies of the Nigerian state destabilize the system while we look the other way. What then is our obligation as the conscience of the nation?

“At a time, when Mr President is gaining on the economy, you see the enemies making desperate inroads to change the narrative, when they are defeated, you see them trying to sabbotage the military efforts, when they fail, they turn to the police, now as the gains of president Muhammadu Buhari continue to manifest, the enemies have seem to shift to the paramilitary agencies with their focus on the newly appointed commandant of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) Dr Audi Ahmed Mni. Good news is that nigerians are not caught unawares. This time unlike before, we will always stand fair and square in defense of our progress” he said

Attah said the march to the National Assembly was convened to give clarity and confidence to the nigerian masses to the effect that, president Buhari administrations commitment to the welfare, safety and security of lives and property of citizens is unwavering. It is this mandate that Dr Audi as well his lieutenants are poised at implementing at the NSCDC . No distractions, no smear campaigns, no intimidation will suffice. The ongoing reforms at the NSCDC under a clear ministerial directive remain sacrosanct. 

” People with vested interests in the affairs of governance must put the  country first” you do not seek to destroy an institution as a politician or business man at the expense of the Nigerian national life'” patriotism entails sacrifice. Let us support those who have demonstrated the will and resolve to help move this country forward.

“Dr Audi on assumption of duty has brought life and vigour into the NSCDC no doubt. He should be encouraged. 

” Nigerians have seen the gains of Dr Audi’s inputs within a short time on the saddle as CG NSCDC, it is time to consolidate and not to distract”

Recent media reports against the person of the commandant  general no doubt are intended to undermine and down play president Buhari administrations wise choices and decisions for the security and economy of the nation.

” Otherwise, who is in doubt the giant strides at the NSCDC? Under Dr Audi, our public infrastructure is almost insulated from vandals , public perception of the NSCDC has been tops, internal institutional co-operation has returned to expected limits within the NSCD ranks etc. But the enemies won’t let Nigerians have a deserving taste of good leadership” this is the reason for the ongoing blackmail against the institution of the NSCDC and the person of the  commandant general , Dr Audi Ahmed mni

“Ladies and gentlemen, as you can see, it is time to say enough of this evil and it for that reason that thousands of Nigerians are here to show support and solidarity with our president and his lieutenants. 

“We therefore sound a warning to all dissidents to desist from further sabotaging the Nigerian government efforts but to join in positive conversations with a view to getting the country of our dreams.

“We therefore, pass a resounding vote of confidence in the administration of president Muhammadu Buhari and his security architecture particularly the positive disposition of Dr Audi Ahmed Mni, to reform and rebuild the NSCDC for the future of our Nations infrastructure and general safety” he said 

UNI Agric Markurdi
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