Governor Bala, hope the end will justify the means?

As we mark another milestone in our democracy, I want to use the opportunity to remind, suggest as well as ask the governor of Bauchi state Bala Muhammad whether the end will justify the means.

It’s two years now since you assumed duty as governor of our dear state yet there is no standard progression from the youths axis. Sir, since assumption of office, no youth has ever been given a single slot in the name of political appointment or civil service despite the high rate of unemployment in Bauchi state.

We are all witnesses to the fact that youths in Bauchi state had contributed massively for you to emerge victorious during the last governorship poll; many youths had sleepless night just to ensure there was no rigging in almost every polling booth in the state.
Your excellency sir, I know you witnessed the ups and downs Bauchi youths engaged themselves in during election; youths stormed almost all of the state INEC offices right from the local government to state level all for you to emerge victorious, and to ensure rig-free elections.The state collation center was stormed as well resulting to many youth losing their lives while many others sustained various degrees of injuries as they were intimidated by the security agents; without their support and sacrifice, there would be nothing like your administration today.

Youths sacrificed themselves for you hoping things will change when you emerge victorious. Now, it’s already two years but nothing has been put on ground that looks like dividend of democracy apart from neglecting the youths despite the huge contribution made by them during election. 
Majority of us thought that your administration will be far better than the last administration. Unfortunately, no change is on ground yet. In fact, Bauchi youths have no idea of where your administration is heading? The state is no less troubled yet talk less of witnessing changes. 
Currently, your administration has no plan for youths in the state talk less providing them with  jobs. On this, I want to know the fate of youths in Bauchi under your watch.

It seems like youths’ efforts and sacrifices are in vain. It’s already two years since you assumed duty, so, when exactly will the dreams of the youths be actualised under your watch as there is need to include youths in ensuring the state’s progress? There is no improvement in the quality of life since your becoming governor, it’s seems like you have no provision for us.
Your excellency sir, Bauchi state youths are lagging in all aspects of human endeavours including education, good health, lack of job opportunities, among others. Therefore, the only way to improve our lives is to provide us with the necessaries.
The number of educated youths in the state is 20 percent of the state population and 18 percent of them depends largely on government for survival. That’s to say, the state needs to optimise resources to cater for its needs. Therefore, on this, I suggest that government under your watch should provide various ways to engage youths, and this could be done through investing in agriculture as well as creating job opportunities using the available resources in the state.  
A society is said to be in crises when youths are idle youths will become destructive agents instead of change; this is the state of our state, there is high rate of crime as a result of unemployment.
Therefore, I appeal that you do everything possible to reduce to the plight of Bauchi youths. As for now, we are hopeless considering the way things are moving.
Ukasha Rabiu Magama, Toro LGA,Bauchi state[email protected] 07068858665