Gombe: Inuwa Yahaya inaugurates probe panel on Billiri protests

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Gombe state Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya has set up a commission of inquiry to investigate February’s violent protest that led to loss of several lives and destruction of properties worth millions of naira in Billiri local government area of the state.

Speaking during the inauguration of the commission, Monday in Gombe, Governor Yahaya stated that the investigation was due to the fact that the crisis which was said to have emanated as a result of the selection of a new Mai Tangle, was given a religious or political colouration.

“Some people may be tempted to conclude that the crisis emanated over the choice of a new Mai Tangle even though the protests erupted even before the government decided on who to appoint. Some may be tempted to give the crisis a religious or political colouration or both.

“Consequently, in the exercise of the powers conferred on me as governor by section 2 of the Commission of Inquiry Law, I constituted a Commission of Inquiry into the Billiri Violent Protests.”

He said the commission under the chairmanship of Retired Justice Mahmud Gurama is to fish out the remote and immediate causes of the violent protests and to identify person or groups that sponsored, procured, instigated, or encouraged the violent protests.

Governor Yahaya further stated that the 11- member commission would recommend sanctions or remedial measures against the person or groups involved.

“The commission is to also receive and investigate complaints from victims or the families of victims and members of the public over the violent protests to make appropriate recommendations to government on measures and means of preventing the future occurrence of violent protests and how to make perpetrators account for their acts,” the governor stated.

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