Ghana COVID-19 testing: FHS dismisses corruption allegations, says it’s politically motivated 

Frontiers Healthcare Services (FHS) has debunked claims of its alleged involvement in a Ghana Airport COVID-19 testing project as patently false and tainted by the worst kind of political machination.

Reacting through a press statement, FHS categorically denied the allegations, describing them as false, unfounded, and politically motivated. 

“In the light of recent allegations made by attention seeking Ghana controversial politician Okudzeto Ablakwa regarding the management of the Ghana Airport Covid-19 testing project by Frontiers Healthcare Services (FHS), FHS has in very strong terms debunked these claims as patently false and tainted by the worst kind of political machination.

“FHS regretted that an emergency intervention that should have been recognized as a significant achievement in Ghana’s fight against the pandemic has become mired in controversy and dirty political shenanigans, which are gradually becoming the choice tools of shadowy detractors,” it said.

According to FHS, the reopening of Ghana’s airspace during the pandemic was made possible by FHS, which was established with the aim of providing efficient solutions for international travel during the challenging times. 

FHS reportedly invested significant resources to create a reliable and rapid screening system at Kotoka International Airport. At the time, the initiative required extraordinary efforts and mobilization of resources both domestically and internationally. 

FHS noted also, that Ghana was the first country globally, to implement rapid testing for arriving passengers.

“It is instructive to note that FHS utilized a state-of-the-art Automated Immunoassay System that was rigorously tested and approved by Ghana’s Food and Drugs Authority and the Laboratory Division of the National Covid-19 Task Force. 

“The system boasted an impressive sensitivity and specificity of 99.8% and 99.3%, respectively. FHS employed hundreds of laboratory scientists and support staff to ensure the efficient operation of testing facilities, running 24/7 and delivering rapid results. This approach was a remarkable achievement in global health efforts and delivered the best possible dividend in the face of a pandemic.

“Given the sophisticated nature of the testing system and the massive investment required for infrastructure, human resources, and logistics, the initial cost of testing was set at One Hundred and Fifty United States Dollars ($150). This was a necessary step considering the unpredictability of the pandemic and the need for a robust testing system.

“For the avoidance of doubt, FHS and the Government of Ghana had a contractual agreement to facilitate international travel at a time of global health emergency, when the pandemic was causing significant harm to the nation’s economy and health. The government’s goal was to ensure affordable travel and economic recovery, not to bag profit from testing travelers. The terms of the contract were consistent with GACL’s standard terms for concessions,” FHS added.

While its traducers shopped for grounds to impugn it’s integrity, FHS without any fear of equivocation denied and repudiated every assertion alleging or hinting to any connections of FHS to any government official. The company maintained that the allegations of government patronage are as baseless as they are untrue, insisting that FHS operated independently to provide a vital service during a challenging time, and as such urged the public to discountenance any fairy tale, to the contrary

FHS reiterated that it believes its efforts were crucial in safeguarding the health of Ghanaians during the Covid-19 pandemic. It stressed that the hard work and dedication of its staff should be commended and not ridiculed through political mischief. The company however stressed that high-sounding controversies and unfounded allegations detract nothing from the significant contribution made by FHS, for which many forthright and decent Ghanaians are still appreciative. In the interest of patriotism and national pride, it’s essential to acknowledge and celebrate the heroes who worked tirelessly on the frontline, to protect lives and contribute to Ghana’s Covid-19 prevention efforts.

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