FG should involve clerics in governance to curb insecurity- Prophet

The founder of Garden of Love and Deliverance Ministry in Masaka, Nasarawa state, Prophet Sunday Balogun, has called on the federal government to involve religious leaders in governance; in order to tackle the issue of insecurity through prayers.

Speaking on Sunday during a service to mark his 56th birthday, Prophet Balogun, who distributed food to about 5,000 members of the church, said that God told him to say certain prayers to avert the country breaking up before 2023.

He said: “Things happening in Nigeria are just uncalled for. Nobody can tell the reason behind insecurity, banditry, insurgency, etc. We keep on speculating. About three months ago, when the situation became tensed, I spoke to God, just like David usually ask God for interventions. God told me He will give me certain prayers for Nigerians to pray and the issue of insecurity will reduce drastically. God said they will be no war or division in Nigeria, despite the evil plans of bandits, Boko Haram and the foreign militia coming into Nigeria. God said we will do prayers on the 4th of December to avert disaster in Nigeria, especially on June 7, next year. I have made prophesies in the past and they all came to pass.

“There is no problem that God won’t solve. Nigerians should listen to God. We should keep on praying to God for intervention in curbing insecurity. Government should wake up and allow men of God to be involved in governance. If you sideline them, God himself will be sidelined. You cannot rule a nation by sidelining men of God. If men of God cannot give you advice, you will have problems in governance. You don’t lead by stealing money, but by ensuring that everyone is settled and happy.

“As for feeding of my church members today being my birthday, it is to fulfill what God said in the Bible by admonishing Peter to feed His flock. God called for saving of souls, not making money. According to 2nd Timothy 2: 15, study to show yourself approved. I studied what God said. Since 2008, I was feeding my members every month. However, I do it twice a year now, because of the increasing population.”