Expose sponsors of criminality in Bauchi, APC challenges Bala

The Bauchi state chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has reacted to the recent statement credited to the state governor Bala Mohammed who claimed that he knows the people that are busy bringing criminals to the state asking him to expose them.

Recall that Bala had accused Bauchi state politicians based in Abuja of sponsoring criminality, kidnappings and stealings in the state in order to pull him down.

But Nana in a press conference Thursday challenged the governor to name the Abuja politicians and brief the appropriate law enforcement agents to investigate and prosecute them if he is sure of his claims.

“The above allegation is nothing but a cunning attempt to cover up the ineptitude, administrative blunders and apparent failure of the governor.

“The people of Bauchi state do not deserve such treatment in view of the trust and confidence accorded him in 2019”. He said.

Nana also accused the state government of accumulating debts to the state which cannot be serviced by the internally generated revenue saying such debts are detrimental to the growth of the state.

“In the history of Bauchi state, we are witnessing for the first time a government that is less committed to people’s welfare. Social development is next nothing in the agenda of the Bauchi state governor”. The APC chairman alleged.