Elections: We‘ll deal decisively with troublemakers -DHQ

Chief of Defence Staff General Abayomi Olonisakin has said  the military and other security agencies would deal “decisively” with anybody or group intending to cause security breaches  during and after the general elections.

Olonisakin said this Thursday while briefing journalists on the preparedness of the Nigerian Armed Forces and other security agencies to ensure violence-free elections.

He said this after meeting with the service chiefs, inspector general of police, director State Security Service, and director National Intelligence Agency (NIA) at the Defence Headquarters, Abuja.

He said: “We are not unaware of plans to illegally use uniforms of military/paramilitary agencies to impersonate security and law enforcement agencies; illegal possession and use of firearms to intimidate and harass members of the public; and other acts likely to cause security breaches.

“Members of the public are also advised to disregard the call to stay at home on the day of the election being circulated in some parts of the country. The stay-at-home leaflets being circulated and similar on-line messages are part of the handiwork of mischief makers who are bent on scuttling the process and should be ignored. I want to assure the general public that the security services are prepared to support the police to ensure safe conduct of the elections.

“It is important to reiterate that law enforcement agencies will remain apolitical. Besides, Code of Conduct for the Armed Forces of Nigeria for the 2019 general elections have been issued to the services and security personnel that will be deployed for election security duties. “All other personnel who are not so deployed for election security duties have been directed to steer clear of the elections apart from exercising their rights to vote for candidates of their choice. I would also like to appeal to all Nigerians to adhere strictly to the restrictions on movement during the period of the elections.

“Violators of the restriction on movement, no matter how highly placed, will be arrested and detained. However, this restriction does not apply to those on election security duties, local and international observers/monitors and emergency and security services personnel on authorised duties only.”

He said the military and other security agencies were prepared to support peaceful general elections.