Change should begin with us

“Change begins with me,” is a phrase that means a lot towards the sustainable development of every nation especially Nigeria in particular. The situation of Nigeria is getting complicated beyond expectation, with no improvements in many spheres like the oil sector, infrastructure, social development, economy, politics, and job opportunities. Thousands and hundreds of graduates are roaming the street with neither job nor empowerment which is the most ridiculous situation that can easily mutilate a nation if care is not taken.

However, the key point to this piece “change begins with me”; as a good citizen you don’t have to expect the government to serve you with food or shelter but you should strive with all strength or knowledge to earn a living. If 80% of citizens of a nation relies on the government rather self-reliance, that country is at the brink of collapse.

Therefore, blaming our leaders or writing hate speech on them will not solve the hardship we are facing, we have to devise the necessary strategies to deal with the situation and this can only be achieved if everyone changes.

Precisely, change is meant for everyone without any charges, you only need to comprehend from the mistakes and shape a properous future.

Grace Abena Fosu,

Department of Mass Communication,

University of Maiduguri