Ayade vows to stop illegal logging, says appointees’ll be scapegoats

Governor Ben Ayade has vowed that his government was all out to fight illegal wood loggers in Cross River state, saying his appointees taking part in the illegal business would be used as scapegoats.

The governor made the remarks in Calabar, Thursday, to mark this year’s World Wild Life Day which had the theme ‘restoring key species for ecosystem restoration.’

Lamenting the progressive depletion of the state forester reserve, the governor said, “Cross River State has 58 percent of the entire forest cover of Nigeria. We have growing concerns about the rate and the speed of depletion of our forests.

“It is against this background that I am sending a note of final warning that I cannot watch the complete degeneration of our forest as we see illegal logging becoming the order of the day.

“From today, anybody caught with illegal wood, your vehicle, the driver, the occupants of that vehicle, the destination of the stolen wood, the government official who is colluding, or the security operatives who are colluding or the forest guards who are colluding, will be picked up and dealt decisively with.

“We will ensure that we involve the entire global community to sit and watch and monitor your prosecution to ensure that justice is done.”

Ayade said the illegal loggers have now developed into full-blown armed cartels who are prepared to harm anyone standing in their way.

He, however, assured that “we are ready to use as scapegoats, one or two people who are holding top government offices or people who feel they are connected to the Governor or those who feel they are politicians and then create an impression that by the appointments they have they can now collude with illegal wood loggers.

“My administration has no interest in any person who thinks that by their status, they can deplete the forest and put the futures of generations unborn into such catastrophic and cataclysmic danger. This is unacceptable.”

He said his administration was tired of setting up conventional task forces and committees to tackle the menace and will henceforth explore other options, including a special espionage.

“We are tired of the complete cycle of conspiracy and so to bulk the trend, an unknown task force which is a complete espionage on the criminality that is going on in our forests will be set up,” he stated.