Allegation of reckless spending against Alia mischievous – Kula

Chief Press to the Benue state governor, Tersoo Kula, Monday debunked the report allegedly published in an online medium, which claimed that Governor Hyacinth Alia of Benue state was involved in questionable expenses, which have amounted to over N40billion in five months.

Mr. Kula in a press conference held at Trust Resort Hotel Makurdi Monday described the report as mischievous and targeted to paint the governor in a bad light not only before the Benue people but in the country.

A popular online media house had  published a story on 19th November, 2023 which said, “Governor Hyacinth Alia of Benue state approved N2,040,780,000 for the procurement of vehicles for himself, his Deputy, House of Assembly members and other government officials in the state financial records they obtained.

The report also said, “The financial records of the state obtained showed that the money was approved on 5th of September 2023, and is only one among several other questionable expenses of the governor, which have amounted to over N40billion in five months.”

However, addressing a press conference Kula debunked the allegations that his principal was involved in reckless spending.

He said the publisher of the story  was not in touch with the reality in the state considering the achievement of the governor within the past five months.

Mr. Kula noted that Governor Alias’ administration took off from ground zero and did not meet any single functional vehicle.

According to him, after he assumed office, for two months, the governor was using his personal vehicle, the same he had used for his campaigns not minding the risk involved in using the vehicle which was not really in good shape. 

He further noted that the measure was to cut cost and direct monies to critical areas that needed urgent attention.

He said the N2,040,780,000 said to have been used for purchase of vehicles for the state officials, which included, Governor and deputy governor’s convoys, House of assembly members, Commissioners, Advisers,  senior judicial staff among others was not even enough compared to the present economic realities in the country.

“When he took over the governor embarked on roads constructions,  solar street lights project, procured fertiliser for farmers, reconstructions of the House assembly complex among others and it will be mischievous for anyone to have said he is being reckless in spending.

“In as much as the governor will accept constructive criticism, it is mischievous for anyone to have said the governor is involved in reckless expenditure,” he added.

Meanwhile, Kula expressed willing of governor Alia to work for development of the state and called on his opponents from the opposition PDP to  put down their sword and join him to develop Benue.

He described the victory at the Court of Appeal as victory for the Benue people.

He said the governor’s arms are open to receive anyone who wish to join hands with him to develop the state. 

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