Why APC lost Kaduna bye-election

The aftermath of Sabon Gari House of Assembly by-election which held on June 19, 2021, and the APC lost woefully shows that the Kaduna state APC is not laying emphasis on the 2023 general elections.

However, the incumbent governor of Kaduna state Nasir El-Rufai and the entire state APC are to blame for the party’s setback. During the APC chairmanship screening, the governor insisted on only vibrant and capable leaders. Alas! due to greed, after the screening, many candidates got frustrated because of the selfish interest leading to their defection from the party.

Furthermore, injustice and lack of proper decision are what would likely drawback the party. Justice within the party is what will aid the party to succeed in all of its affairs. If care is not taken Kaduna APC would wake up one day and find out its house empty.

Grudges and unnecessary infighting in the party must be stopped, if they really desire a good smash for the party ahead of 2023 general elections as said earlier.

Can a party freely move forward without justice? Justice is necessary for the party’s unity, because where there is no unity there is no success in any disputes. Failure to do so, they should await innumerable losses for the party.

Nevertheless, the major root causes of the party’s drawbacks are El-Rufa’i’s improver policies in governing the state. In a nutshell, I urge Kaduna state APC and El-Rufa’i to heed to my admonition in order to steer their party to success.

Mallam Musbahu Magayaki,

Sabon Fegi, Azare, Bauchi state