Potiskum Specialist Hospital should sit up

People from different areas are sharing the same query of having issues with the Potiskum specialist hospital workers over indecent treatment. It is vital for government to look intervene in taking crucial actions. The hospital, which serves people from Potiskum and its environs, receives numerous numbers of patients almost all the time. However, the patients are complaining on how some of the medical workers look down on them despite the social orientation given to them.

The cases of the outcry keep rising as the medical workers of the hospital allegedly refuse to attend to the patients as well as maltreating them. These are a few of the complaints that are very disheartening.

Recently, there is a quiet brouhaha in the town because many people lamented that the staff of the hospital don’t want to attend to patients, this often happens to pregnant women on antenatal, this is why many people in Potiskum resort to private hospitals even though they are exorbitant.

It is, therefore, pertinent for the relevant authorities to in investigate this issue thoroughly. Besides, there is so much unprofessionalism by some of the staff of the hospital which leading to loss lives; many of them didn’t attend any medical school but unfortunately they are allowed to treat patients.

There is the need for the Yobe state government and the management of the hospital to set up a committee that will investigate the issue with a view t finding a lasting solution for the good of people.

Kasim Isa Muhammad,

Potiskum, Yobe state