Voters, another call to honour

How long shall we remain lethargic and passive? Nigeria is in ruins because we have not made use of our power to vote first-rate, reliable leaders into office.

The consequence is that there is no middle class to any extent, only a wide gulf between the haves and the have-nots. How long are we going to wait while political figures lie, take what belongs to us and watch us die?  So many people are dying every day from diseases that can be prevented. A lot of Nigerians are begging on the streets for stipends that will enable them take care of bad health. People also beg for money in the print media so they can go for medical treatment.

How long are we going to remain silent without trying to find justice and the fulfillment of our dreams? Citizens are suffering so much and the cost of everything is so high. The political class has not made life easy for those in the rural areas leading to the influx of people to the city with inadequate infrastructure to take care of them. Private schools are so expensive in the cities and access to education is denied families who cannot afford outrageous fees. The social tribe of private school graduates will be the ones to rule Nigeria someday if we do not stem the tide quickly.

Leaseholders are in ruins because of the abrasive manoeuvres by homeowners who impose outrageous rents without control. What happened to all the promises made to us – liberation from poverty, good healthcare, employment and quality life? Who we can trust? Who do we run to for justice when our homes are bombed, torched and people killed audaciously? Why is there no peace in our land? Has justice suddenly disappeared?

Suddenly, people are indispensable even when they engage in wrongdoings as public officials. To whom must we appeal when police officers turn their guns loose on citizens? How swift will the state respond to atrocious jungle-justice that navigates through our lands every day?

Who are we going to hold responsible for bad governance and to provide us with solutions to the mounds of state and country challenges? Who will provide us with secure homes, first-rate education for our children and stable wages?
The time to change Nigeria is now.

It is our responsibility to vote the right people into office. Let us not be swayed by the deceit of office-seekers. Never again are we going to be so diffident about politicians to deceive us with paltry amounts of money to buy our votes and mortgaging our children’s future. We will henceforth be counted to make a difference.
Do not waste your votes by voting for the wrong people and for the wrong reasons. Only little minds do that.

Simon Abah,
Port Harcourt, Rivers State

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