Press freedom critical in addressing climate crisis – FG

The federal government has said press freedom is critical in addressing climate change crisis.

The Minister State for Environment, Dr Iziaq Adekunle Salako made this known in commemoration of Press Freedom Day, while speaking to journalist in Abuja, and with this year’s theme, “A Press for the Planet: Journalism in the Face of the Environmental Crisis”.

He added that all journalist should work together, across sectors and borders, to harness the power of media in addressing the environmental crisis and advancing sustainable development.

The minister said, Press freedom is indispensable to promote transparency, accountability and social justice, critical to communicating the threat posed by climate crisis and making informed decisions to be more environmentally responsible.

Dr Salako noted that promoting nature based solutions through tree planting, mangrove restoration, urban greening and restoring wetlands.

“We are promoting the adoption of more environmentally friendly energy sources including clean cook stoves, working hard to end gas-flaring and plastic pollution, remediating oil polluted communities, expanding our protected areas, addressing desertification, drought, flooding and erosion.

“These commitments outline the path towards sustainability, emphasizing the need for collaborative action, innovation, and accountability. They represent the unwavering dedication of Nigeria to play her part in mitigating climate change and safeguarding the health of our planet for future generations,” he stressed.

He however states that Journalism plays a pivotal role in advancing environmental agenda, serving as a catalyst for change, a watchdog for accountability, and a voice for the voiceless. Through investigative reporting, insightful analysis, and compelling storytelling, journalists shed light on the pressing issues of environmental crisis facing the nation and inspire mass action towards positive change.

He called for more support from journalists in the drive for environmental advocacy and citizenship so that all creatures on earth thrives in harmony with the planet.