TIPP Oil rebottle deposit scheme to hit Nigerian lube market

TIPP OIL Manufacturer Limited has assured that its rebottle deposit scheme will soon land in Nigeria along with its premium lubricants, saying the scheme will surely change the game in the lube market.

The German company gave the assurance as it revealed its plan to play in the Nigerian lubricants market.

TIPP OIL plastic container deposit and buy-back scheme is the world’s first in the lubricants industry as the company buys back its 1, 4 and 5 litre engine oil plastic containers from customers as a way of protecting the environment.

The plan, according to Managing Editor, Auto Report Africa, agent for TIPP OIL in Nigeria, Olaolu Olusina, is based on the great interest Nigerians have expressed in the company’s products following the recent launch of a global campaign for distributors by the company.

“Our deposit system (plastic buy back) in the circulation system is generating enthusiasm worldwide,” Olusina, quoting TIPP OIL Managing Director, Sebastian Maier, said. “We have received real interest in our products from Nigeria and we are coming into the market, fully, soon with our premium lubricants, using our plastic deposit system as a great incentive.”

Olusina confirmed that the plastic buy back scheme is fast receiving a warm embrace in the markets where TIPP OIL operates with distributors now using it as incentive to also boost sales.

“In Nigeria, TIPP OIL Manufacturer Limited plans to use the deposit scheme to also boost self-employment among the teeming youth, thereby assisting the government in tackling a major problem. The beauty of it all is that the jobs to be created through this scheme would be sustainable as TIPP OIL is also planning to establish a training centre for youth development,” Olusina said.

Already circulating in Angola, Ghana, Guinea, Togo and a few other African markets, TIPP OIL products range includes car engine oil, gear and hydraulic oil, agricultural machinery oil, marine oil and many others.

With a wide range of mineral and synthetic oils for cars, trucks, construction machines and industrial machines, TIPP OIL is committed to actively promoting environmental protection.

The company’s deposit system for plastic containers in the mineral oil sector stands out as the world’s first. With the buy-back system, TIPP OIL takes back empty lubricating oil bottles from its customers for a fee, clean and refill the bottles as a way of saving resources and reducing the burden of nature with plastic waste.

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