Time to end the Jos crisis

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Neither Muslims nor Christians have benefited from the crisis in Jos, the Plateau state capital, since it began around 1999 to 2001; same for the ethnic groups. The two religions suffer massive destruction including the loss of lives and property. The lingering crisis has also stifled the development of the state.

On this basis, I want to use this medium to appeal to the good people of Plateau state and Nigeria at large to be peacekeepers and avoid engaging in conflict related activities in the state as well as to stay in peace and harmony with one another, irrespective of religion, ethnicity or party affiliation.

Though crisis is human, it’s time to bring this barbaric act of ours to an end and concentrate in rebuilding the state’s lost glory which is the “Home of Peace and Tourism”.

Being a multi-ethnic and multi-religious state we shouldn’t misuse these great advantages to destroy the state.

Plateau state is one of the most blessed states in Nigeria and Africa at large in terms of natural resources, tourists centers, fertile land for agriculture, among other natural endowments, that attract both local and foreign investors.

But as a result of the crisis, there is nothing of such nature in Jos today. Local and foreign investors have stopped coming to the state talk less of investing their resources. Consequently, the number of unemployed youths increases day in day out. These unemployed youths are the violence escalators in the state today.

Back in the days, Jos happened to be the only labour state in northern Nigeria full of activities, ranging from mining, farming, blacksmithing, business, crafting, among other artisans work.

Furthermore, being a viable investment hub in the Nigerian tourism industry, Jos attracted millions of people from both within and outside Nigeria for leisure.

But today, nobody wants to come or pass through Jos for fear of being killed or attacked. The state loses millions of naira daily.

The painful part is, we are tagged “Home of Peace and Tourism” but today, there is nothing like peace apart from blood-letting, hatred, envy, ethnicity, religious and communal clashes.
This has put the state and its people into a misery as well as taken back the state to square zero.

Human beings are meant to live in harmony and help one another irrespective of our differences, but here in Plateau state the case is different, why?

Let us be peace lovers and take away the existing differences among us through showing love and compassion to one another irrespective of our differences.

However, we should always seek to love not to control, learn to tolerate not to constrain, accept our differences not to reject as well as taking responsibility of whatever happens to us not to blame others. This will help us in rebuilding the one and only Plateau state.

Finally, calling on all the concerned citizens in Jos and its environs to preach peace in all circumstances they found themselves. Government should strive to bring back peace to Plateau state and Nigeria at large.

Ukasha Rabiu Magama,
Toro LGA, Bauchi state
[email protected]