Sule Lamido @73: Celebrating a political leader

Leadership is not an occupation, leadership is not an art of fraud and pride. Leadership is not yours or mine, leadership is an attribute of God, leadership is the will of God, leadership is the choice of God, and leadership is a trust. Leadership is a burden. Leadership entails alot of things. So, we must get faithful, courageous, selfless, liberal and committed political leaders to be the helmsmen of the affairs of this country in order to refix it and restore its past glory.

Sule Lamido is a fulltime politician who has been in the corridor of politics for over four decades. He was a unionist, (National youth leader) parliamentary, (Rep), party leader (state chairman and National Secretary) Diplomat (Foreign affairs minister) executive (state governor) and a presidential aspirant.

Sule Lamido was among the nine Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) founding fathers. Many of the men who qualify to be called fathers of the then ruling PDP have left the scene for newer entrants.

Many of the founding fathers are now deceased while some of the remaining ‘two’ have quietly moved to the sidelines until lately when they resurfaced.

Former Jigawa state Governor Alhaji Dr. Sule Lamido (CON) is the lone founding father still on the landscape and his four decades of experience in the rough terrain of Nigerian politics is being brought to bear in this crucial political circle.

He is so often in the news for a combination of reasons including his imposing physical presence, his simple style of doing things, his solid record of achievement especially when he was the foreign affairs minister and since 2007 when he became the helmsman of Jigawa State and his fearless stance on all controversial national issues.

Sule Lamido always says his mind, which in all cases aligns with the interests of the common man. He never succumbs to sentiments. He is not the fair-weather type as so many politicians are; rather he stands rooted in principle and to progressive politics. In all of this, he brings rich personal experience to bear in all he does.

Lamido loves politics and elections because of his political orientation, love with masses and his achievements as a political leader and where many other politicians or governors try to avoid conducting even local government elections by perpetuating caretaker committees in place, Lamido organized regular local government elections in Jigawa State every two years according to the state’s Local Government Law.

Since 1999 when PDP came on board, he has deployed his unmatched energy and political skills in campaigning for PDP candidates from the top to the bottom. He organized an impressive state-wide flag off of campaigns during elections which all the candidates received their PDP flags.
In this election circle.

Jigawa state PDP draws enormous strength from Lamido’s tremendous record of achievements in office since 2007. All its candidates are hoping to ride to power on the strength of this record and the popularity of the party’s state leader, Lamido.

There is so much to point at that politics & campaigning in Jigawa State has been free of insults and abuses. In every community and at every level PDP candidates can point to the projects and policies that have uplifted the state and the community in terms of education, transportation, health, economy and infrastructure etc. This record of achievement is a tonic to PDP aspirants. It is a source of inspiration.

Lamido has been a model in peaceful and issue-based politics.. No mudslinging, foul language, intimidation and violence. Why mudsling when you have an enviable record of achievement to showcase?

After the 2015 general elections; and the economic, political and social events that followed, the greater numbers of Nigerians have become wiser politically. People now look at individual ‘platforms’ rather than party platforms. Individuals with sound records in quality leadership, development initiatives and vast political network are getting unprecedented support in many localities, states and at the national level depending on their political position and national outlook. One of such people is Sule Lamido- a guru in politics and real development.

Yes, Lamido is a core ‘developmentalist’ and a true progressive, who shares the political ideals of late Mallam Aminu Kano- ‘the masses first’ and ‘development as it ought to be’. One of the most unique things about Sule Lamido approach to people’s developmental needs is he mixed what the people need with what they want- local needs blend with modern development.

Lamido, when he was governor of Jigawa state, sees governance as the challenge to make the process of development inclusive and flexible- so that the gap between the rich and the poor decreases, as well as make rural communities to enjoy the most modern fruits of technological development. Lamido developmental approach reflected in all areas of human life – education, health care, food security, transportation, etc.

One of the most intelligent programmes that Lamido brought to Jigawa state was a permanent, feasible and win-win solution to the persistent famer-herdsmen conflicts. In most parts of Jigawa state, Lamido established grazing reserves and water pumping windmills for herdsmen to freely nosh their herds.

The grazing land is also watered frequently by the water pumping windmills for grasses to grow even during dry seasons. On the other hand, the farmers are provided with large expanse of farmland to cultivate crops. One beautiful thing about some of the farmlands is that they have dual function- they have on them facilities for dry season farming.

The programme, apart from promoting co-existence and harmony between farmers and herdsmen, instead of the usual conflict, a major benefit t of that Lamido’s initiative is that it has enhanced local community security, safety and development.

Many Nigerians were also impressed by Lamido’s social security programme a monthly allowance was given to less privilege people- which 100 people were chosen from each of the 27 LGAs of Jigawa state. The establishment of state university is also a giant stride made by the Lamido administration. Free scholarship to Jigawa students including non indigenes, including the appointment non Muslims and non indigenes to political offices were also some of the salient qualities of Lamido which shows his nationalistic posture. On the national politics, Many Nigerians are expecting Sule Lamido lead in the rebirth of the PDP.

Because the PDP must bring on board resolute founding fathers of the party, to help the party to ‘come to live’ in the north and Nigeria as a whole. Nigerians cherish real development based on new thinking and sound decision making. Lamido’s development strategies used in Jigawa state should be a working-document for Nigeria. Lamido has become a role model for those holding public office and future leaders, because he has exhibited what is expected of elected leadership in the Nigeria of our dream.

Thus likes of Lamidos will make an excellent president for Nigeria. He is a proof that, a leadership that is well-read, competent; with the right leadership skills, exposure and behavior will be a competitive advantage for Nigeria.

People like Sule Lamido as President of Nigeria will be a turning-point at this critical time of our nationhood

To this regard, this is a special occasion in your life, I join millions of sons, disciples, admirers and well-wishers to celebrate with you, thanking God Almighty for given you immeasurable grace to witness this day.

You have shown remarkable, exemplary and unique qualities through your service to this dear nation and humanity. You have demonstrated un common traits of a great leader. Your courage, endurance, selflessness, resilience, philanthropic nature and uncommon wisdom stand out among the best.

As you mark yet another birthday, May the Almighty God prolong your life span, continue to endue you with enduring grace to keep thriving in good health and increasing wisdom to serve the nation. I am optimistic that you will keep working for Nigeria to be secured, peaceful, united, efficient and great.

Happy birthday, Jagoran Talakawan Nigeria.

Adamu writes from Kafin-Hausa, Jigawa state.