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It is time to allow the esteemed readers of this column to air their views. There were verities of views on almost every topic I presented in this column. It is really difficult to share all the views expressed but it is important to select few ones that critiqued my opinion to give the readers wide perspectives, pros, and cons on each topic. Some of the views were edited for clarity and space limitation. Happy reading Nigeria’s Corporate Existence: Restructuring or Accountable Governance? Prof, This is well said. I recall reading a lecture delivered in the USA recently by former President E. Jonathan on why the South-South part of Nigeria doesn’t want to be part of Biafra. He argued that the clamoring for the Biafran Republic was not on account of progress and development of the region but the same elites were doing so to corner the resources for their selfish ends and lord it over their poor masses.

Unfortunately, we may have to live up with this sorry state of unaccountable leadership for some time to come as there are seemed to be no quick solution to it. It is more pitiful wherein all States in the Federation have three tiers of Government, which are manned by their very kinsmen, yet they collude to loot their Commonwealth unabated. And the faulty of the current Political parties that breed leaders not based on merit are our handicap and major bane of our progress as a nation. The challenge is how to confront this uncomfortable truth head-on. How I wish we had an enlightened electorate. May God have mercy on us (Allah gamu gareka). Amen. Thank you.Alhaji Saminu Dalhat, a retired civil servant, Katsina. Dear Professor Othman, certainly, at all times, Accountable Leadership is it! Kudos for a very short but deeply researched piece! I doff my hat. I hope that we should push and encourage professionals into governance! I am happy you called them by their real name; thieves! I agree that restructuring will not make us a plausible and desired change we have been craving for but making our leaders accountable is the best option. Our current situation for clamoring for restructuring of our nation is exactly putting old wine in a new bottle. It will not change its taste.However, making leaders accountable will also not come easy, as there will be steep resistance. There will be a price to be paid by us! These leeches of leaders will not release their hold on the jugular of our veins until revolutionary nemesis catches up with them! And I predict that that nemesis will be very soon! It will be sooner than later.Engr Olawale Okunade, Federal College of Education Technical Asaba, Delta State Dear Professor Othman, thank you for your write-up. However, I disagree with part of your analysis.

Restructuring is not only the creation of regions. The major plank is the decentralization of power and authority. Removing some items from the exclusive list of the Nigerian Constitution. What for instance is the business of the Federal Government with primary education, which is at the local government level? Similarly, what is the business of the Federal Government with primary healthcare services? 
More than 90% of the roads Federal Government currently designated as Federal Government roads should be under the ownership of state governments. These roads can better be managed and maintained by the state governments where the roads are located. What is the business of the Federal Government with the coastal rivers and beaches in Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Calabar? Why should Federal Government be clearing agricultural lands in my state when it has no farmers? We cannot be failing in the same things for over 60 years and continue to expect a positive outcome. That is a classic definition of stupidity and craziness. It is not just passing the baton from one set of thieves to another set as you wrote in your piece. Devolution is a must or we will perish as a nation. The best part of the restructuring is that all these issues should be tabled, discussed, and negotiated by the subnational units in an amiable and conducive environment.Yele Akinbamowo, Lagos Mala Buni: Art of wearing two caps Dear Professor Othman, this is a good appraisal of the two major parties; People Democratic Party (PDP) and All People Congress (APC).

Unfortunately, both APC and PDP belong to the same business organizations whose core investors are moneybags, especially in the States. Except for President Muhammadu Buhari, these moneybags decide whom to choose for the leadership of Nigeria at different levels from states to Federal.
Therefore, we may not have many role models like Mai-Mala Buni. He may just be there because probably of President Buhari’s intervention and his earlier vast experience as APC National Secretary. Hoping for the emergence of competent and meritorious leadership in this country especially from the North may thus, is like a tall order. Today, competence and merits are not determining factors in Nigeria’s elective positions. 
To buttress this point, can Prof test his popularity? Let Prof contest in elective position in his Bindawa Constituency of Katsina state. I bet the delegates may not vote him without the backing of a moneybag even for a Councillorship position! This is the reality/tragedy in this part of the country. However, we must rise to the occasion and not give up and be defeated. With continuous enlightenment and prayers, we have many Yar’Aduwas and Buharis ready to come to our rescue.

Please, do not get me wrong I am not generalizing there are some good quality Governors but the political parties selection process gives the moneybags the leverage to turn politics into a business venture where the winners are the highest investors or those backed by these investors. May God safe Nigeria, amen.
Saminu Dalhatu, retired Civil Servant, Katsina