Promoting excellence through Mathematics competition

Considering the importance of Mathematics in society, everything is being done to encourage young minds towards it. In this report, TOPE SUNDAY captures the recently held 21st Annual National Mathematics Competition (ANMC) in Abuja.

The Nigerian Tulip International College (NTIC) recently honored the finalists of its 21st Annual National Mathematics Competition (ANMC) with scholarships and cash prizes.

The competition, organised in collaboration with the National Mathematics Centre (NMC), aims to celebrate the achievements of exceptional young mathematicians and inspire future scientific innovation.

Twenty eight talented students honoured

With over 7,500 students participating in the first round across various states, 28 talented students were recognised as recipients of scholarships and other prizes. Twenty students from primary 5 & 6 and eight students from JSS3 were awarded a 100% tuition fee scholarship, along with cash prizes and academic equipment. These remarkable students represent the outstanding talents in both the junior and senior categories.

NTIC, in collaboration with the NMC, initiated ANMC in 2003 with the goal of nurturing and harnessing the potential of young mathematicians. 

Fevzullah Bilgin, the managing director of NTIC, expressed his satisfaction with the competition’s success, highlighting how previous participants went on to represent Nigeria in international competitions and attain remarkable achievements. 

He further emphasized the school’s commitment to organising ANMC annually in order to fuel students’ passion for Mathematics and science-related subjects, which contribute to the growth of future nation- builders.

Erdal Yilmaz, the ANMC coordinator, stressed the positive impact of the scholarship scheme, revealing that 140 students currently benefit from NTIC’s support even as he disclosed that the school commits over N500 million each year to fund the awards.

Yilmaz noted that the competition has played instrumental roles in awakening students’ mathematical potential and enhanced their capabilities in science-based fields.

Call to support NMC

Prof Promise Mebine, director/chief executive of NMC, lauded NTIC’s collaboration and called on stakeholders in the private and public sectors to follow suit. Mebine urged individuals, companies and organisations to support NMC’s efforts towards advancing Mathematics education in the country, drawing attention to NTIC’s exemplary partnership.

Favour Nse, a director of the Department of Quality Assurance (DQA), Education Secretariat of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), expressed the department’s commitment to partnering with agencies like NMC in training and retraining basic and senior secondary education teachers.

The top achievers at ANMC were also celebrated individually. Kaosisochukwu Karsten Enebe emerged as the overall best in the junior category, securing a scholarship waiver and N150,000 in cash rewards. Famiroju Samuel Olamide from Spring of Life, Enugu, claimed the top position in the primary category, earning the same accolades.

Additionally, the top 20 participants in both the primary category and JSS3 category were awarded cash prizes ranging from N10,000 to N200,000. The teachers of these exceptional students were not forgotten, as they too received cash prizes of up to N100,000.

Participating schools were also recognised and rewarded with valuable gifts, including giant-size photocopiers, desktop computers and printers.

NTIC’s commitment to fostering excellence in Mathematics education and nurturing talented young mathematicians through ANMC is considered a commendable endeavor. The scholarships and incentives provided to these promising students serve as a catalyst for their future success and contributions to the fields of science, research, and development.

As NTIC continues to raise the bar in Mathematics education, their efforts would undoubtedly inspire other educational institutions, stakeholders and the broader communities to prioritise investment in STEM education which ultimately pushes Nigeria towards a brighter, more innovative future.