Nairaxi expands VIP chauffeur to six major cities

Leading Tech mobility company NAIRAXI has announced the expansion of its VIP chauffeur services  to 6 major cities in Nigeria beginning in April, 2024.

 In a statement released by Nairaxi, its new ultra-luxury VIP fleet rental and chauffeur services provide a wide range of bespoke solutions that promises unmatched services and noteworthy experiences.

The expansion debuts with an exciting array of full-throated services that places priorities on comfort, promptness and professionalism.

Before now, the company has continued to provide airport and city-to-city service in Abuja since 2021, but it is adding a new pillar to its diversified business model by introducing flexing luxury car rentals in major cities across Nigeria.

According to the Co-Founder & CEO, Kingsley Eze “Nairaxi chauffeur services welcomes our discerning customers to a world of under stated elegance with premium mobility arrangements, crafted specifically to ensure seamless, stress-free, and sustainable travel for our clientele”

“It is borne out of our stride towards sustainable urban commute and desire to exceed the expectations of what luxury transportation has to offer”.

He explained that while the company’s forte lies on other forms of mass transit services, it has now introduced luxury car rentals for VIP business trips, tours, weddings, events, airport pickups/transfers, city to city commute, in-city rides, by the hour/daily services and amongst other far-exceeding luxury car rental chauffeur services.

“We want our clients to fly in from a different city and still get to enjoy the same level of elegance, sophistication and quality mobility options they are already accustomed to.”

“From budget-friendly services to the most luxurious, expensive, exotic and high powered bullet proof car hire offers, Nairaxi accommodates all options and even more.

” It also provides top-of-the line custom-made services that allow client-driven decisions yet maintaining premium standards in the VIP car rental industry.”

Nairaxi chauffeurs are carefully selected from an exclusive pool of candidates. Our chauffeurs are thoroughly trained professionals you can trust to transport yourself, your clients, family members, and business associates.

“We offer recurring hospitality and etiquette training programs, granting assurance that our chauffeurs are courteous, respectful, safety-minded, and well-mannered.”

Nairaxi chauffeurs possesses flawless driving records, participate in a strict zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy and submit to lengthy state and federal background checks. Not undermining stringent defensive driving, cleanliness, and safety training as mandatory”

In Lagos, Kano, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Uyo and Enugu, it has  partnered with  some of the leading luxury fleet operators.

 It now offers a range of comprehensive services include hires on luxury SUVs, bulletproof cars, luxury sedans, executive VIP travel buses of all sizes including uniformed driver, complimentary water, WIFI, charging and complimentary snacks and the arrival of Drivers at pickup location minutes before scheduled pickup time. 

Speaking further on the expansion plans the company’s Co-Founder & CFO, Elizabeth Omale “We saw a huge growth opportunity in the niche market of ultra luxury mobility chauffeuring and that is why we are taking this step.

 We hope to deliver bespoke experiences driven by technological advancements of our evolving platform.

We have made it easy to access our suite of services through a multi channel booking approach via our website, app, dial-in or even a text. For More Info about NAIRAXI Luxury Car Hire Services or to  Book a Vehicle, visit