Letter to Venita Akpofure of BBN

Dear Venita, I believe you won’t be happy if you were called a prostitute by someone even though you may have slept with more than 2, 3, 4, 10 and more men for money.

Your recent assertion against the Tiv tribe on television, impelled the writing of this note to educate you and others who lack manners and education in general but could open their mouths wide to make baseless statements on things they know nothing about.

Adultery and fornication can be seen in Tiv as it is in other tribes but a Tiv man cannot give his wife to a visitor to sleep with as claimed by you and many others who, unnecessarily, want to denigrate the Tiv tribe.

In Nigeria, adultery is common in many tribes while fornication is unarguably more common in all tribes; probably you have done one of the two or even both. This is an allegation that can be challenged.

It is hate speech and ethnic profiling to call people from a particular tribe names such as fornicators, adulterers and even accuse them of giving their wives to their visitors to sleep with, having no evidence to prove your claim.

This is a rumour that has no proof, yet, you and others who hate the Tiv people are still spreading to disparage the Tiv for just nothing.

Venita, you were among the BBN’s housemates that could not answer simple general knowledge questions in the house but you were able to use the same mouth that could not answer basic questions, to speak ill about the Tiv tribe.

You were asked: ‘What is the body’s primary source of energy?’ which is glucose or blood sugar but you did not know. Also, you were asked: ‘Whose face is on the N100 bill?’ And the answer is simple: Chief Obafemi Awolowo, but you didn’t know. Another shameful thing.

The worst of it all was the one about the body responsible for making laws in Nigeria (legislative arm of government). You still din’t know. How can someone like you who knows nothing open her mouth to say something that she cannot prove even if given more than what the BBN will give you after emerging as the winner, which you cannot.

You are a mother of two kids and you cannot answer simple general knowledge questions but you can speak and help to spread a fabricated story to tarnish the image of a reputable tribe in the world. What have you been teaching your children for knowledge sake? It is indeed a shame!

Awunah Pius Terwase,

Mpape, Abuja


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