Letter to Governor Zulum

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Dear Governor Babagana Umara Zulum of Borno state, on behalf of the good people of London Ciki, especially Tashan Bala area, I write to draw your attention to the situation which I believe you are unaware of it.

Sir, with due respect and total sense of humility and esteemed personality I want your humane administration to reward the residents of Tashan Bala of London Ciki area in Maiduguri by giving them a good support and supplying them with good and hygienic water under your administration.

Water scarcity has become a major issue of concern in Tashan Bala area of London ciki Maiduguri because the resident in the area face hardship due to the lack of water. There are only limited numbers of borehole around the area which make it difficult to residents of Tashan Bala area to have access to water.

Sir, majority of the residents that are suffering from lack of water in the area are women and children, they have to go out themselves to fetch the water from far way before they can cook, wash or take their bath and they even send their children who are grown up to go and fetch it in another area which is far away from their homes.

The women and children in the area are also suffering from thugs, drug addicts and criminals on the street whenever they go out at night to fetch water.

If enough boreholes can be constructed and commissioned it will serve as water source to not only the residents of Tashan Bala area but also to residents of other localities and it will ease the hardship, especially for the women and children.

Therefore, I urge Governor Zulum and other relevant authorities, especially the Borno State Water Board, Rural Water Supply Agency (RUWASSA) and highly placed individuals in the area to bring succour to Tashan Bala residents by drilling enough borehole to ease livelihood crises in the area.

Rukaiya Umar Digmari,

Department of Mass Communication,

University of Maiduguri, Borno state