Jos North is bleeding

I write in regard to the recent surge in violence, particularly among the youth, in the Gangare and Rikkos communities in Jos North local government area of Plateau state. Reports of killing for the sole purpose of stealing mobile phones have become distressingly frequent in these areas. The perpetrators even follow people to their homes to snatch their phones and other valuables.

The situation in Gangare and Rikkos is not only a threat to the safety of residents but also undermines the social fabric of our society. As concerned citizens, we look up to our government for leadership and action in times of crisis.

Urgent action is, therefore, needed to address this crisis. The safety and well-being of citizens of the area must be a top priority for government, and I implore the governor to immediately address the issue.

There should be increased police presence in the affected communities and community engagement programmes that involve local leaders, youth organisations, and security agencies to find lasting solutions to this brigandage. Government should also invest in initiatives aimed at providing education, skills acquisition, and job opportunities for young people to redirect their energies toward productive endeavours.

Victims and their families should receive medical and psychological aid to recover from their trauma. Culprits must be punished to serve as deterrent to others. The security of our people should always remain a top priority.

I am hopeful that with swift and effective action, we can restore peace to Gangare, Rikkos and beyond.

Muhammad Auwal Muhammad,
Department of Mass Communication, University of Maiduguri
[email protected]

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