Ipaja public library needs attention

I wish to call the attention of the concerned authorities to the condition of the Ipaja Public Library- a branch of Lagos State Library board located at B24 Pako Bus Stop Abesan Estate Ipaja, Lagos.
Though the library was built in a noise-free area and it is well ventilated, flood is trying to scare away the users and also try to destroy the library building.

The flood which is usually caused by the poor drainage system in the street where the library is located used to lock both library users and the staff inside anytime it rains.

The first time the rain met me in the library was on Thursday, October 10 2013. By the time the rain stopped and I came out to leave, I met a ‘pool of river’ in the front of the library (which is about 30-40 feet to the main road). I asked the security man how people pass in that kind of situation and he told me that I have to roll up my trousers and remove my shoe and enter the ‘river’.

Apart from the germs and rubbles in that flood, I was afraid there might be dangerous creatures in that flood, but since there was no other escape route, I didn’t have option than to do as the security man advised.
I hereby call on the authorities at the Lagos State Library Board, Ikeja to come to the aid of the library before this year rainy season sets in to prevent floods from destroying the entire library building.

For the records, the library was built by Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development as a Family Support Programme (FSP) under the military government of Brig. Gen. Buba Marwa and it was commissioned on May 19, 1999 by the then First Lady, Munira Marwa. Since the library was commissioned, I don’t think there has been any major renovation to maintain or upgrade the level of the library and its facilities.

I plead with Governor of Raji Fashola and the chairman of Alimosho Local Government to renovate and upgrade the facilities at the library. Also, the drainage system in the street where the library is located should be reconstructed and raised to prevent the overflow of erosion that used to cause flood inside the library.

As regard the library, the shelves are few and the few books there are outdated. New books should be purchased to encourage the students and other library users to patronize it.

John Tosin Ajiboye,

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