Hon. Alabi Bolaji, Kwara’s rising political star

There are men who are unnoticed but working assiduously to make a difference in the lives of their people and that of the country in general. Today, a new political star is born in the political arena of Kwara state and the All Progressives Congress (APC) in general. He is Hon. Barrister Edun Alabi Bolaji, the deputy national legal adviser of the APC. Many of us who followed keenly and witnessed his political life and activities for a long time see him as a distinguished and loyal party man, a proud son of Kwara state who is courageous, reliable, dependable and passionate about the progress of his people and the country in general.

Many have also described him as a statesman already with an uncommon political sagacity and generosity – two qualities that stand him out among his peers as a new leading light of progressive politics in Kwara state and the country in general. No wonder, he is now acknowledged as one of the most accessible and politicians of repute.

Bolaji, of the popular Edun family in Ilorin, was legal practitioner of repute and former commissioner for special duties and director-general of the bureau for land in the Lawal administration in Kwara state. He is a born leader who has through his politics and philanthropy transformed the lives of many across all strata of society both in his native Kwara state and the nation in general. Many have identified him as one of our emerging leaders who is a source of pride and confidence looking into the future. His rising political profile is a source of joy to many because he has become a voice and a veritable expressway to his people’s truly beneficial political freedom ready at all times to lead the symmetric and asymmetric warfare of his people when he is called upon for leadership.

Alabi’s political life has been a testament to human capital development and unrelenting struggles for a better quality of life for his people. His prowess and talent, I dare to say, are unequalled; if nurtured and engaged they will translate to the good of all. He is also regarded as not only a rising star in the political arena of the country but an astute politician and a statesman par excellence, a dogged fighter and a strong voice for party loyalty, discipline and cohesion. As the deputy national legal adviser of the APC, he has always advocated the enthronement of democratic best practices, which have made the APC.the most democratic party in Nigeria.

The way he contributes legally to the handling and internal solving of petitions before and after the recent presidential primaries of the party has made many to hold him in awe and been praised as one of those that have contributed immensely to the APC, having one of the most peaceful, coherent, democratic and free and fair primaries. After the primaries, he joined the vanguard in propagating the Bola Ahmed Tinubu message of renewed hope for our, being wholly pro-Tinubu. He is now concentrating his efforts to ensure that his party, the APC, emerges victorious in the gubernatorial election of Kwara state and the presidential election next year.

His new political fame, acumen, and influence had not diminished his urge to fight more for prosperity, peace and the shared vision that would bring about harmony and development to Nigeria. This also reflects in his actions, patriotism and benevolence. His philosophy is to continue to inspire the upcoming politicians and the young ones for the benefit of the nation through his ideas put together to improve their well being while advocating good governance at all levels.

Despite his achievements in politics, Alabi does not blow his trumpet and remaining unassuming is his hallmarks. He stands for justice and fairness, irrespective tribe or religion. I make bold to say that upcoming political leaders have a lot to learn from and gain from the political life of Hon. Edun Alabi Bolaji. God has truly given to us a gift from Kwara state to the national level of APC and I dare also to say that his political potential have not yet been fully explored by our nation and this is because moving forward he is going to be a recurring decimal when issues of patriotism and party loyalty are discussed by analysts, players and stakeholders.

His passion for his duty as the deputy national legal adviser of the APC is uncommon. No wonder he is held in high esteem across the party and described as one of the unifying forces for its continued growth and progress. He is a political mathematician whose ability to solve equations with deftness and sagacity has resulted recently in major successes in his assignments for the APC.

Wada writes from Abuja.

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