Fan group criticises Nottingham Forest over ticket increase

Premier League strugglers Nottingham Forest’s increase in season ticket prices for the 2024-25 season has been strongly criticised by a fans group.

An adult season ticket in Zone One of the Brian Clough Upper stand has increased by 28% while a child’s season ticket has increased by up to 111%.

Nottingham Forest Supporters’ Trust said it “strongly opposes” the rise.

It added the average price increases are “totally disproportionate to the current inflation rate”.

The inflation rate in the UK is currently 3.2%.

The most expensive adult ticket for next season at Forest, who have five games left and are at risk of Premier League relegation, costs £850.

That season ticket, in Zone One of the club’s new pricing bands, is up from £660 this season, while the cheapest has increased from £465 to £550.

The Supporters’ Trust added: “It is accepted that season card pricing at Forest had been at the lower end of that at other Premier League clubs.

“However, such extreme increases over a single season, during the ongoing cost of living crisis, will massively impact a large number of loyal fans and undoubtedly mean that many will now be priced out of renewing – a concern shared with the trust by many supporters.

“There is little consistency to the percentage increases for different sections of the ground with no apparent logic or rationale explained for this seemingly arbitrary decision.”

Nottingham Forest’s total 2023 revenue was £155m of which £11m was matchday income. Manchester United had the highest matchday income with £136m in 2022-23.