Democracy day: Tinubu’s presidency pathway to healing wounds of June 12 – Don

A Professor of Cyber Security and Information Technology Management, Ojo Ademola, has said the emergence of Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the President of Nigeria is a pathway to the healing of wounds the nation carried from June 12 1993 till-date.

Professor Ademola who is also the Chairman of the Advisory Board of the APC Grassroots Governance Group G3, stated this in a press statement on Tuesday.

He urged all Nigerians to collectively explore the gains of June 12, 1993, Presidential Election, through the actualization of the Renewed Hope as such working towards for the healing of the nation and deepening of the Nation’s democracy.

The press release said Professor Ademola in a speech on healing the Nation and deepening of Democracy, tasked some Nigerians in London with seeing Tinubu’s presidency as a pathway to healing the Country of wounds, the Nation carried from June 12 1993 till-date as Nigeria’s democracy and the journey so far correlated.

He said, “The gains of the June 12, 1993, presidential election have not been exploited by political stakeholders despite the trajectory that ended in producing Tinubu’s presidency as an assertive outcome in the healing of the Nation, and collectively deepening Nigeria’s democracy by sustaining the positives of the 25th February 2023 Presidential elections in the Country.

“There are many synonym nexus between June 12th, 1993, and 25th February 2023, to earn both a mutually inclusive estimation that Nigerians can indeed work together to heal and deepen giant Nigeria’s Democracy. With the freest and fairest election in Nigeria, politicians should engagingly embrace the doozy; the jim-dandy of credible elections, and close up those divides that sandbar our collectiveness to match together in the healing of the Nation, and deepening of our Democracy.

“Democracy provides for the unification of lessons from June 12, and the peculiarities of February 25 to emphasize that winning an election is a numeracy outcome that leans on literacy popularity of the majority having their ways and the minority embracing the democratic calls of working to fill the gaps, purposely, to heal the Nation, and ultimately deepen the Nation’s democracy.

“Nigerians can naturally provide a collective pathway to encourage one another as voters to approve democracy via elections, ultimately to get the number of turnouts during our future elections exponentially rather than gradually dwindling.”

He emphasized that if life is anything that offers the opportunity to redefine itself, democracy must keep evolving through the healing of the Nation, and sustainability of democratic institutions to indeed deliver the dividends of democracy to the majority of the populace.

The Don noted that life through democratic processes provides the citizens with the collective opportunity to use the tool of innovation and creativity in governance to redefine itself. With the adoption of Technology in our Democracy, political stakeholders can begin to deepen our vote-based system through governance tools to remind great citizens of our Nation that democracy could redefine itself by sustaining governance robustness as an innovative way to accentuate that creativity is all about taking all tough challenges and playing seriously with nice turns to turnaround those challenges into abundant possibilities in the National interest of Nation-building.

“With this view, voter apathy, for example, will become a thing of the past as more reasons become pathways to healing the Nation, and thereafter solidly sustaining democracy. Renewed Hope Agenda of this current administration, as implementation progresses, citizens will, in turn, ensure mass participation in the democratic processes.

“With the Presidential election that produced President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Nigeria’s democracy we have had gotten more robustly advanced with some achievements to encourage Nigerian political stakeholders in working towards an ever-improved outcome definitively as we unfold as a Nation.

“Governance must continually strive to justify political ideology for deepening democracy. For instance, Nigeria’s democracy is increasingly gaining more years’ exponentially. Such apt is to accentuate that Nigeria’s Democracy has undoubtedly come to stay despite some globally noticed gaps that are similar in imperfections with the matured democracy of the global north nations.

“Engagingly, this is to say that Nigerians can still get our democratic means together to correct some of the issues and continue on that trajectory of deepening our Democracy to better the lives of our citizens.

The Professor engagingly underscored several learning curves in Nigeria’s hard-earned democracy, and the advocacy for them to remain a work in progress by our collective will to heal and deepen the Nation’s democracy, which cannot by any means be over-emphasized. He intensified that under President Tinubu, Nigerians, both leaders and citizens must actively continue to invest their time and significance, and help to deepen democracy and sustain democratic ideologies in the National interest of nation-building.

He reminds all Nigerians that, “Regardless of the difficulties of precisely thirty years to our Democracy, President Tinubu’s Renewed Hope is an intensity that without a doubt Nigerians can cooperate for the vital, underlying and standout recuperating and developing of Nigeria’s Majority rules government from the Public injury of June 12, 1993, through supporting the progress and democratic gains so far made in our dearest Country.”

“Today is indeed a day of celebration and a call for all Nigerians to seriously adhere to the truth that Nigeria can be a great nation. Nothing could be better. For the government to exercise authority and mandate to govern with fairness, respect for the rule of law, and a commitment to always uphold the dignity of all Nigerians, we must be faithful to equity and justice. Nigeria’s democracy will heal and grow under President Tinubu. Express gratitude to God; Renewed Hope is here,” he added.