Crack political engineers repositioning PDP for 2019 – Moro

By Donald Iorchir

A crack team of political engineers are currently working hard to revive and strengthen the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) far greater than it was before the 2015 general elections.
The team, according to immediate past Minister of Interior, Comrade Patrick Abba Moro, is working hard to unity members and forces against the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) ahead of the 2019 general elections.
Accordingly, the former minister the APC and other critics of the opposition the PDP not to jump into excessive celebration of the party’s electoral misfortunes.
“The PDP will bounce back stronger and better able to deliver the dividends of democracy to the people of Nigeria,” Abba Moro said on the sideline of the presentation of Daily Asset Newspaper, in Abuja at the weekend.
Moro said the PDP would spring a surprise in the next presidential election and take the presidency from the ruling APC, noting that the focus of the PDP was to reposition ahead of the general elections.
He said it would be wrong to misconstrue the status of the party now as weakness or failure on the part of its founders to refocus the PDP to play a pivotal role in nation building.
“The party has gone through some internal crisis and high stormy waters, now, we are trying to reinvigorate the platform and improve the machinery of the party to make it more effective. The party will certainly carry us to the Promised Land,” he said stressing that ongoing political realignments within the political space is “veritable ingredient for political progress in any country.
“I believe that it is a healthy development and so long as Nigerians are talking to each other and realigning, such moves will invariably produce something good especially in the development of the country”.


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