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Mama Ene, not real name, a petty trader residing at a rural community of about three kilometers away from Otukpo the traditional and commercial headquarters of Idoma land, otherwise known as Benue South Senatorial District, Benue state, couldn’t hold her joy when news recently broke out that Hon. Oche Joseph, a philanthropist from Ugboju Ifete, Otukpo local government area of Benue so, had declared his long awaited and envisioned interest to contest for House of Representatives to represent the good people of Otukpo/Ohimini federal constituency. Mama Ene’s happiness is in tandem with hundreds or thousands of people that through so many methods had been benefiting massively from the humanitarian gestures of Honourable Oche.

Mama Ene, a widow with six children, got established through the human empowerment foundation, G12 Foundation, setup by Oche, which has positively transformed the lives of so many people within Otukpo/Ohimini federal constituency and beyond. Agreeing to Mama Ene, there can’t be any good material to represent Otukpo/Ohimini federal constituency at the green chamber above and beyond Oche Joseph in view of his numerous achievements which cut across all human endeavours, that several local and national public and political analysts describe as one of the finest development strides ever carried out in Otukpo/Ohimini federal constituency.

Writing about Honourable Oche Joseph to some extent could be a bit herculean especially in the area of human empowerment which he is well known across every nook and cranny of Otukpo/Ohimini/federal constituency and even the entire Benue south senatorial district for. It is phenomenal because, it’s all about a young man who comprehends, ruminates and acts farther than thousands of people put together in view of his earthshaking dreams and visions, especially for the people of Otukpo/Ohimini federal constituency. He is so passionate about his constituents that he deploys his enormous skills, intellectual capacity, resources and his national and international links to ensure the improved welfare. Oche Joseph is a young, hardworking, brilliant and God-fearing man seen by many political pundits and analysts as an epitome of humility. To say Oche is a very humble person is an understatement.

Nevertheless, that’s the plain truth, nothing but, the actuality. That is why many are by every ticking of the clock eulogizing about his astute leadership qualities. This has been corroborated by many elite and political leaders of Otukpo/Ohimini federal constituency. In this connection and, no doubt, some political watchers and analysts may indeed have different perceptions about him, but the fact remains that; he has all the qualities and qualifications to represent Otukpo/Ohimini federal constituency at the Green Chamber of the National Assembly.

Academically, he bagged a diploma from the prestigious Dorben Polytechnic, Abuja. He also holds a bachelor’s degree and at the moment pursuing his Master’s degree in one of the best state-owned universities in Nigeria. Another sterling quality of Oche Joseph is his administrative astuteness, especially in the legislative business where he has been working close to two decades as an aide to members of the House of Representative, senators and principal leaders of the National Assembly as well as Administrative arm of the National Assembly.

Therefore, his quest to vie for the House of Representatives is not only timely but a vision that every indigene of Otukpo/Ohimini federal Constituency should queue behind in order to ensure the speedy development of the constituency which God is already using him to do even now that he is yet to step into the National Assembly. He has been working hard to uplift the living standards of his people. It is on record that in all the 23 council wards in Otukpo/Ohimini federal constituency, there’s no community that doesn’t have either direct or indirect impact of the philanthropic and humanitarian gestures of Honorable Oche Joseph. This includes the massive distribution of electricity transformers across the 23 wards in Otukpo/Ohimini federal constituency.

He also made landmark impact in the area of massive distributions of tricycles to hundreds of youths across the 23 wards in Otukpo/Ohimini federal constituency, as well as distribution of state of the art industrial sewing machines, refrigerators, hair dressing and barbing saloon equipment, grinding machines, motorcycles, etc. Records also indicate that hundreds of people from Otukpo/Ohimini federal constituency are enormously enjoying his national and international scholarship programme which has produced thorough bred graduates that are presently gainfully employed.

Meanwhile, many factors shall be put into consideration which could favour him. Nevertheless, leadership comes from God and it is my belief that the time for God to enthrone him has come and, he will surely do it. So, as the race for who represents Otukpo/Ohimini federal constituency begins in due time, my candid opinion is that our elite, youths, women groups and political leaders should put aside inter-party squabbles, rotational tendency and politics of unnecessary image battering and even destruction and give peace, productive and achievable dreams and visions a chance. They should shun judging or selecting candidates base on monetary values and other negative principles which have stunted our development for too long. Leaders shouod be chosen based on their positive qualities as Honourable Oche Joseph, who is positively transforming many lives.

Edache writes from Abuja

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