2023: NBC speaks on end of political adverts

As Nigerians prepare to go to the poll on Saturday February 25, 2023, the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has warned all broadcasting media platforms to stop political jingles, adverts 24 hours before election.
The NBC through it’s Director of broadcast monitoring, Francisca Aiyetan on Wednesday, also warned against announcing any election results obtained from polling stations which has not been verified by the Independent National Electoral Commission.
The broadcast regulator explained, “The National Broadcasting Commission wishes to underscore the enormous responsibility trust on broadcasters at this period and therefore calls for strict adherence to the provisions of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code and the Electoral Act to ensure sane airwave that will enable a free, fair, credible and transparent election.

“Consequently, the commission urges broadcasters to note, for full compliance, the following sections of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code; the broadcaster shall ensure that the broadcast of a partisan political campaign, jingle, announcement and any form partisan party identification or symbol ends not later than twenty-four hours before polling day.”
It further noted that the only exception to the above is when a government functionary may perform a service relating to his office within the 24-hour campaign restriction period, provided there is no colouration of partisanship by the official or the broadcaster.
The commission added that “The broadcaster shall not permit any political campaign or advertisement on its facilities 24 hours preceding polling day or on polling day.

“The broadcaster shall not use any vote obtained at a polling station or from exit poll to project or speculate on a candidate’s chances.

“Media house shall relay election results or declaration of the winner only as announced by authorized electoral officer.
“The broadcaster is, therefore by this letter, advised to end all partisan political programmes by 11:59 pm on Thursday, 23rd of February 2023. Please be advised!”

UNI Agric Markurdi
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