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Danielle Holmes, an American from  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has made a name for herself running ads on social media and teaching people on how to run an online business. Presently, she runs 3 online stores and sells her e-books as well as run courses on who wants to have the blueprint of running an online business.

She established her company, Black Digital Blueprint in 2019 after previous encounters with failure as an entrepreneur. She started her entrepreneurship in 2013 by getting started with an MLM company that eventually went down in Feb 2015. 

But there have been questions about the name of her company,Black Digital Blueprint which many may perceived as racist in outlook and structure. What more? The “Facebook Ads Queen” as she is styled categorically declared on her Instagram page that she's an advocate of everything black.

When asked in a recent interview about her obsession with her race, she was as unequivocal as the statement on her page.

“I meant what I said. I'm an advocate of everything black. Black art, black culture, black institutions (schools, churches etc).  As a black woman, when I teach, I teach as if I was speaking to my friends, cousins, sisters etc. all whom are black people, “ she began

Continuing, she added , “I call my course the BLACK digital blueprint because, my biggest issue when learning ads on my own was that all of the people teaching ads at the time were white men. That's fine. I just didn't believe what they were saying. I didn't feel like their path to success would be like mine. Although I know every path is different, it's uniquely different when you are a woman and when you're back. So the name come from me wanting people to know that I'm not just a girl teaching ads. I'm a black woman, I'm aware that I'm black, I speak black, I react black and I'm unapologetically black. Of course, blackness isn't monolithic. I'm aware of that but you know what I mean when I say these things. And with all that being said, as a black woman, this is the way I did/do things to be successful. Can anyone from any race learn from my course, of course, but make no mistake about it, my course was designed for me to speak to my people. My people made me a millionaire, collectively, they bought my e-books, my products and my course. I'm going to put us first, all ways and always. Is that racist, no, it's me loving blackness and prioritizing it in a world that doesn't.”

Danielle Holmes (30) is from Pennsylvania in the United States of America. She graduated High School, finished CNA school. She  attended LPN school and RN school.

She dropped out of RN school twice and failed out the third time in her first semester. Not that she wasn't smart enough, as she said,  but the third time she went, she had her business. So, instead of being in class focusing on the work she would be in the back, building email marketing campaigns, editing her website etc.

She would record the lectures and made plans to listen to it when she had time but never got around to doing that. When it was time to take the test she hardly ever knew what the answers were. By the time she took her final she  failed. But her gain is that she learned how to run ads a month later.

She was raised by a single mom, no child support, no support from grandparents, aunts or uncles. It was just her mom and 3 older sisters. She was the youngest.

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