Students’ outcry over fees’ hike

The hike in tuition fees and other charges by public universities came as a shock to students and their parents, considering the present economic hardship in the country. 

However, in the University of Maiduguri, Borno state, a circular to students, said due to the rise in the cost of teaching and learning materials, students who previously paid N31,500 are now to pay N93,000, medical college at N238,000, faculty of law are to pay N124,500 while new students from medical college will pay N252,500 and other departments will pay not less than N100,000. 

Most students attend public universities due to the lower tuition fees but now they cannot afford it. This has led to some students dropping out of school due to the economic reasons which parents cannot afford. 

Students of University of Maiduguri expressed dissatisfaction over the increment, saying that most students who attend public universities are from financially disadvantaged homes and would not be able to afford such an increment. 

According to Manasseh Titus a student from University of Maiduguri, “Some students are the ones sponsoring their education and don’t have enough time to hustle for such large amount of money”. 

However, University of Maiduguri fixed 60% and 40% payment in the first and second semester, respectively, to enable those who cannot afford the exorbitant pay in instalment. It also promised to ensure that the money will be judiciously utilised to provide utility services, teaching quality and favourable learning environment for students. 

Godiya Jacob,

Department of Mass Communication, 

University of Maiduguri